Medicinal Cannabis

Submission Guide: Inquiry into Legalised Medicinal Cannabis

$190 million lost on pokies


Average Wage Lost on Each Pokie Machine Last Financial Year 

The latest poker machine loss figures released by Treasury, reveal that Tasmanians lost the equivalent of an average annual salary of $53, 182 on each and every pokie machine in the state over the last financial year, Greens Gaming spokesperson Cassy O’Connor MP said today.

“The latest figures show that Tasmanians lost $14, 624, 255 in June this year alone. We know, however, that these losses are felt most acutely in areas of socio-economic disadvantage where gaming machines in pubs and clubs are concentrated,” Ms O’Connor said.

Anti-Protest Laws Unconstitutional?

Premier Must Respond to Constitutional Uncertainty on Anti-Protest Laws

After using constitutional uncertainty to justify voting against marriage equality legislation last year, Premier Will Hodgman must now consider his draconian anti-protest laws in light of Professor George Williams’ opinion that they are on ‘quite shaky constitutional grounds’.

“The Premier was quite happy to use his fear of a High Court challenge to justify voting against marriage equality last year, so it’s bizarre that he would be so blithely unconcerned that one of Australia’s foremost constitutional experts has raised concerns that the anti protest laws may not survive a high court challenge,” said Greens Justice spokesperson Nick McKim MP.