Kim Booth MP 
Greens Leader

Member for Bass

Aboriginal Affairs | Energy | Forestry | Mining | Police & Emergency Services | Primary Industries & Water | Racing | Treasury
Former sawmill business operator, Kim Booth is our MP in Bass. 
He is a strong advocate for equitable access to education and healthcare. Kim is also committed to Tasmania retaining our clean air, that the marine environment is free of toxic effluent.
Coming from a sawmilling background means that Kim Booth knows how to create more jobs with less logs: demonstrated by his radial sawmill proposal for Scottsdale, and his recent local sawmilling trials utilising logs categorised by Forestry Tasmania as only fit for export. 
Kim Booth is the only member in Bass who voted in Parliament against the toxic and controversial Gunns Ltd pulp mill proposal for Bell Bay. 


Bass Electorate Office
Level1, Henty House, Civic Square

ph: 03 6324 2040


Forestry Tasmania Annual Report


The More Trees Cut, the More Forestry Tasmania  Loses 

Forestry Tasmania’s Annual Report 2013-14, posting an annual loss of $43.1 million, presents a clear cut case for the Government Business Enterprise (GBE) to move urgently to a full cost recovery business model, Greens Leader and Forestry spokesperson Kim Booth MP said today.

“The staggering loss of $43 million dollars last financial year, despite an increase in timber production and receiving public subsidies, is proof that Forestry Tasmania must now move to a full cost recovery model as the Greens have long called for,” Mr Booth said.

Fracking Moratorium


Fracking 12 Month Moratorium Welcome but Review Delays Inevitable 

The Hodgman government needs to ensure its review into hydraulic fracturing, known as fracking, genuinely engages with Tasmanians over their concerns and is not just an attempt to whitewash the controversial issue, Greens Leader and Mining spokesperson Kim Booth MP said.

“Tasmanians, including farmers and land-owners, have already made it very clear that they do not want fracking occurring on their properties now or in the future,” Mr Booth said.

Public Sector Audit Needed


Failure to Guarantee Child Protection, Aged Care, Nurses Highlights Need for Audit Before Cuts 

There needs to be an urgent and independent audit of public sector roles which have legislated obligations, and whether they can comply with those regulatory commitments under the Hodgman government’s proposed job cuts, Greens Leader Kim Booth MP said today.

“We are hearing of numerous roles in nursing, child protection, aged care, and education where public sector workers are charged with protecting the vulnerable in our society, but which now have a serious question mark over their capacity to comply with current legal requirements,” Mr Booth said.

Straight Answers Needed on Oatlands Hospital

Ferguson Obfuscates Over Oatlands Hospital

The Health Minister, Michael Ferguson, will fail to convince the community of Oatlands and its environs that their Multi Purpose Health Centre is safe, given his ongoing obfuscation when questioned about future cuts to services, Greens Leader Kim Booth MP said today.
“The Greens have been raising for weeks now serious questions over the fate of the Midlands Multi-Purpose Health Centre based at Oatlands, including the loss of its ambulance service,” Mr Booth said.

Regional Health Services


Minister Needs to Rule Out Funding Cuts for Oatlands Health Centre 

Greens Leader, Kim Booth MP today called on the Liberal government to reassess the funding cuts proposed for the Multi-Purpose Health Centre at Oatlands.

“The Midlands Multi-Purpose Health Centre provides crucial health care for local Midlands residents, as well as the travelling public and patients coming from the East Coast,” Mr Booth said.

Time to Reform Local Council Elections


Revisit Compulsory & Electronic Voting Reforms for Local Council Elections

Electoral reform to provide for compulsory voting in local government elections and allowing electronic voting is needed to help turn around the worryingly low turn-out of voters in council elections, Greens Leader Kim Booth MP said.

“On one hand the Tasmanian community engaged with their local democracy at unprecedented levels with a total of 476 Tasmanians standing for the position of councillor across the state’s local councils, but on the other hand barely 50 per cent of eligible voters cast their ballot,” Mr Booth said.

Libs Avoid Public Sector Homework


Independent Review of Public Sector Needed Instead of Job Cuts 

The Tasmanian Greens have tabled in Parliament a formal call for a hold to be put on the flagged cuts to 821 full time equivalent (FTE) positions to provide for an independent review of the public sector, its capacity, and identification of key community services required, to be undertaken.

“The admission by successive government ministers when asked that they cannot guarantee the protection of frontline services within their respective departments is a major breach of faith with the Tasmanian people, and exposes how dangerous this slash and burn campaign by the Treasurer is,” Greens Leader and Treasury spokesperson Kim Booth MP said.

Liberals Drop Vindictive Axe on Public Sector


Nasty Politics as Gutwein Guts Public Sector 

The Hodgman government has broken its commitment to protect frontline services in its punitive attack on Tasmanian public sector workers, and has still failed to deliver a plan detailing how Education, Health, State Growth and other departments will deliver services while 821 full time equivalent jobs are cut, Greens Leader Kim Booth MP said today.

“This nasty gutting of public sector jobs is blatantly malicious and merciless. The fact it was avoidable makes if further appalling and cruel,” Mr Booth said.

Liberals Cut More Health Services

Hands Off the Oatlands Hospital

A local campaign to save the Midlands Multi-purpose Health Centre at Oatlands from slated budget cuts is underway, as community concerns grow about the fate of the hospital.
Greens Leader Kim Booth MP, who today met with locals in Oatlands, including a local nurse and doctor, said the Health Centre provided essential health and wellness services to the broader midlands community, as well as to Tasmanians as far away as the East Coast.

500 Reasons to Accept Unions' Offer


No Good Excuse to Reject Unions' Savings Proposal 

The Hodgman government has no good reason to reject the public sector unions’ two-prong savings strategy, which is a constructive attempt to meet budget imperatives while saving jobs, Greens Leader and Treasury spokesperson Kim Booth MP said today.

“It is very reasonable and constructive for the unions to put forward a realistic offer to the government which is consistent with the financial savings needed under the 2014-15 state budget, while offering to continue to negotiate for the forward estimate year,” Mr Booth said.