Kim Booth MP 
Greens Leader

Member for Bass

Aboriginal Affairs | Energy | Forestry | Mining | Police & Emergency Services | Primary Industries & Water | Racing | Treasury
Former sawmill business operator, Kim Booth is our MP in Bass. 
He is a strong advocate for equitable access to education and healthcare. Kim is also committed to Tasmania retaining our clean air, that the marine environment is free of toxic effluent.
Coming from a sawmilling background means that Kim Booth knows how to create more jobs with less logs: demonstrated by his radial sawmill proposal for Scottsdale, and his recent local sawmilling trials utilising logs categorised by Forestry Tasmania as only fit for export. 
Kim Booth is the only member in Bass who voted in Parliament against the toxic and controversial Gunns Ltd pulp mill proposal for Bell Bay. 


Bass Electorate Office
Level1, Henty House, Civic Square

ph: 03 6324 2040


Weasel Words Over Super Trawlers


Premier Caught Out Misleading the Public Over Geelong Star Position

Premier Will Hodgman owes the community a public apology for his apparent deliberate misleading statements on local commercial radio station, Heart 107.3 FM, regarding the government’s position on the Geelong Star super trawler.

“Will Hodgman has been caught out deliberately misleading the public over where he stands on the Geelong Star super trawler,” Mr Booth said.

Liberals Supertrawler backflip = Support for Geelong Star


Hodgman Liberals Backflip on Super Trawler Position

The Hodgman government has broken faith with the Tasmanian people yet again by failing to support a Greens’ motion seeking to reaffirm the previous tripartite position of opposing supertrawlers in Australia’s small pelagic fishery.

“What a gobsmacking sight, to see Jeremy Rockliff virtually roll out the welcome mat for the Geelong Star,” Greens Leader and Primary Industries spokesperson Kim Booth MP said today.

Another Federal handout for Forestry?


Harriss Refuses to Rule Out Federal Money for Forestry Tasmania

The Hodgman government is clearly looking to the Commonwealth for financial assistance to deal with moribund government business enterprise, Forestry Tasmania, following the Forestry’ Minister’s refusal in Parliament today to rule out that discussions are underway, Greens Leader and Forestry spokesperson Kim Booth MP said today.

“When asked to rule out any discussions with the Commonwealth seeking further financial assistance to bail out this GBE, the Minister failed to respond,” Mr Booth said.

No Supertrawlers in State Ports

Close Tasmanian Ports to Geelong Star 

The Tasmanian Greens have called for the Hodgman government to close all state ports to the factory freezer supertrawler, the Geelong Star, in light of its unacceptable risks to local marine life and Tasmania’s Brand.
“Although the Commonwealth has authority over Australian waters, Tasmania is not completely powerless as we have direct responsibility for all state port facilities,” Greens Leader and Primary Industries spokesperson Kim Booth MP said today.

Geelong Star Vote in Parliament


Greens Call for Supertrawler Vote 

The State House of Assembly will this week have the opportunity to formally vote upon the matter of the latest proposed industrial factory freezer supertrawler, the Geelong Star, and its operation in the small pelagic fishery.
“The Greens’ motion tabled today seeks to give voice to all those Tasmanians, recreational and local commercial fishers and their communities, eco-tourism operators, and others all of whom are outraged that once again we are having to defend our fisheries from the onslaught of a huge industrial floating fish factory,” Greens Leader and Primary Industries spokesperson Kim Booth MP said today.

Release Publicly Forestry Review


Minister Plays Games Over Secretive Forestry Tasmania Review

The Forestry Minister Paul Harriss must stop playing games with his secretive review into Forestry Tasmania and commit to a clear timeframe by which the Review report is made publicly available, Greens Leader and Forestry spokesperson Kim Booth MP said today.

“There is no excuse for this ongoing secrecy now the government has been forced to admit they have the Forestry Tasmania Review, and have had it for some time now,” Mr Booth said.

Forestry Answers Needed

Where is Forestry Tasmania Review? 

Forests Minister Paul Harriss faces growing pressure to clarify the status of his stalled review into Forestry Tasmania, with speculation he is intending to roll the Government Business Enterprise into a government department.

“Minister Harriss’ much vaunted internal review into Forestry Tasmania is almost a month overdue with no clear indication when it is expected to be finalised or publicly released,” Greens Leader and Forests spokesperson Kim Booth MP said today.

Hundreds Rally Against Geelong Star


Say Yes to Local Fisheries & No to Factory Freezer Super Trawlers

The Hodgman government should follow the example set by Victoria and formally advise their Federal counterparts that it does not support the proposed commercial fishing operations of the factory freezer trawler, the Geelong Star, in the Commonwealth’s Small Pelagic Fishery (SPF), Greens Leader and Primary Industries spokesperson Kim Booth MP said today.

“Rallies against the factory freezer mega trawler, the Geelong Star, are occurring around the nation outraged at the re-emergence of the threat to our small pelagic fishery,” Mr Booth said, who attended the local rally at Lions Park in Perth in the State's north.

2015-16 Budget Outlook: More of the Same


Rhetoric Outperforms Substance in Treasurers 2015-16 Outlook Speech 

The 2015-16 Tasmanian Economic Outlook report emphasises the urgent need for the government to look outside the box and focus on long-term structural reform of the state’s financial base, Greens Leader and Treasury spokesperson Kim Booth MP said today.

“An economist would describe the Treasurer’s 2015-16 Budget Outlook speech as a large projection of political rhetoric, and a worrying reduction in substance,” Mr Booth said.

Mussel Farmer is Marine Canary in Mine


Open Door Policy for All Fish Farm Stakeholders Needed – Not Just Some 

Primary Industries Minister Jeremy Rockliff must commit to an open door policy for all aquaculture stakeholders, including those who are raising concerns over the impact of current fish farms, and introduce an immediate moratorium on any further expansion of salmon farms while environmental concerns are examined, Greens Leader Kim Booth MP said today.

“Despite repeated requests to meet with the Minister over the impacts of salmon farming on his business, local operator, Mr Warwick Hastwell, of Dover Day Mussels has not been successful,” Mr Booth said.