Kim Booth MP 
Greens Leader

Member for Bass

Aboriginal Affairs | Energy | Forestry | Mining | Police & Emergency Services | Primary Industries & Water | Racing | Treasury
Former sawmill business operator, Kim Booth is our MP in Bass. 
He is a strong advocate for equitable access to education and healthcare. Kim is also committed to Tasmania retaining our clean air, that the marine environment is free of toxic effluent.
Coming from a sawmilling background means that Kim Booth knows how to create more jobs with less logs: demonstrated by his radial sawmill proposal for Scottsdale, and his recent local sawmilling trials utilising logs categorised by Forestry Tasmania as only fit for export. 
Kim Booth is the only member in Bass who voted in Parliament against the toxic and controversial Gunns Ltd pulp mill proposal for Bell Bay. 


Bass Electorate Office
Level1, Henty House, Civic Square

ph: 03 6324 2040


Leader's State Conference Speech

Greens Needed Now More Than Ever 

In a rallying cry to the Party faithful today, the Greens declared they are determined to stand up for the community, the environment and democracy against the excesses of the Hodgman Liberal majority government.

Greens Leader Kim Booth MP also outlined during his Keynote speech delivered at the Party’s State Conference today, key aspects of the Greens’ agenda for the next twelve months, including forming a community working group to pursue establishing Tasmania as an Asylum Seeker Haven.

Public Sector Insult


Gagged Bill Insults Public Sector Workers 

Tasmanians have seen how little the Liberal majority government regards its public sector workers, its democratic responsibility, and how lightly the Premier, Will Hodgman, makes and breaks promises, Greens Leader Kim Booth MP said today.

“Despite publicly undertaking that debate on the controversial Crown Employees (Salaries) Bill would not be gagged, the Premier broke that promise, ramming the Bill through the Lower House on the cusp of midnight,” Mr Booth said.

Harriss Oversteps on Forests Poster


Harriss Must Apologise or Resign 

Resources Minister Paul Harriss is under pressure to formally apologise for deliberately trying to smear Greens MPs, and members of the public who may also disagree with the Liberals’ forestry policy, for using the word ‘conflict’ in context of the Tasmanian forestry debate.

“The disgraceful new low the Liberals dragged the Chamber to today continues the pattern of arrogant abuse of the Parliament we have seen on more than one occasion this week, and is a disturbing taste of what is to come under a regressive majority government," Greens Leader and Forestry spokesperson Kim Booth MP said.

Wage Freeze Bill Gagged


Premier Breaks No Gag Promise on Pay Freeze Bill 

The Premier, Will Hodgman, has broken faith with the Tasmanian public by breaking his promise of two days ago to not guillotine debate on his government’s controversial Crown Employees (Salaries) Bill 2014, said Greens Leader and Treasury spokesperson Kim Booth MP said.

“Once again the arrogant Hodgman regime has shut down the House of Assembly and outsourced our role and responsibility, expecting the Legislative Council to do the work of this Chamber,” Mr Booth said.

Public Sector Jobs on Line


Treasurer Confirms Backflip Over Forced Redundancies

Liberal Treasurer Gutwein today confirmed that there was no other option on wage savings, it was pay freeze or further job losses.

Greens Leader and Treasury spokesperson Kim Booth MP today questioned the Treasurer about his comments in the Legislative Council Estimates Committee Hearing, where he stated, "there are only two ways that you can reduce the wages bill. It is either putting a pay pause forward or to sack people".

Tribute to Jeremy Ball

Vale Jeremy Ball 

Greens Leader and Member for Bass Kim Booth MP today paid personal tribute to Launceston Deputy Mayor, Jeremy Ball, describing him as a close friend and colleague with whom he had worked with closely over the years.

“On behalf of the Tasmanian Greens State Parliamentary team, I extend our most sincere and deepest condolences to Jeremy’s wife, Karina, their two beautiful boys of whom he was so proud, Griffin and Jasper, his loving parents John and Caroline, his brothers and their families, as well as his many friends and workmates,” Mr Booth said.

Review Budget Estimates Process


Budget Estimates Need to be Reviewed 

The State Budget Estimates Committee hearings need to be reviewed to ensure their vital accountability role is not subverted by the government of the day, as we saw this week, Greens Leader Kim Booth MP said.

“The Hodgman government reduced this important parliamentary accountability mechanism to a farce this week, with Ministers refusing to provide answers or information requested,” Mr Booth said.

Wage Freeze-Supply Claim Wrong


Liberals’ Bullying of Parliament Over Wage Freeze Wrong 

The Liberal government‘ latest threat that blocking the wage freeze is to vote against Supply contradicts their earlier commitment to not slip the Crown Employees (Salaries) Bill 2014 in as part of the State Budget legislative package, Greens Leader and Treasury spokesperson Kim Booth MP said.

“The Premier and the Treasurer cannot have it both ways. They cannot reassure people before the Budget that the wage freeze Bill will not be a cognate Bill and part of that package, and then turn around and try and intimidate MPs by asserting that to vote against the Bill they promoted as separate and distinct, as now threatening Supply,” Mr Booth said.

Estimates Committees Farcical


Treasury Estimates: a Master Class in  Closed-Loop Farce 

Budget Estimates Committee hearings descended into farce today when the Treasurer refused to detail where the 700 identified public sector cuts will come from, instead passing the buck to individual Ministers who in turn refused to answer the same questions, Greens Leader and Treasury spokesperson Kim Booth MP said.

“Tickets could be sold to watch this farce, as it is a master-class in closed-loop obfuscation, passing the buck, and arrogance,” Mr Booth said.