Kim Booth MP 
Greens Leader

Member for Bass

Aboriginal Affairs | Energy | Forestry | Mining | Police & Emergency Services | Primary Industries & Water | Racing | Treasury
Former sawmill business operator, Kim Booth is our MP in Bass. 
He is a strong advocate for equitable access to education and healthcare. Kim is also committed to Tasmania retaining our clean air, that the marine environment is free of toxic effluent.
Coming from a sawmilling background means that Kim Booth knows how to create more jobs with less logs: demonstrated by his radial sawmill proposal for Scottsdale, and his recent local sawmilling trials utilising logs categorised by Forestry Tasmania as only fit for export. 
Kim Booth is the only member in Bass who voted in Parliament against the toxic and controversial Gunns Ltd pulp mill proposal for Bell Bay. 


Bass Electorate Office
Level1, Henty House, Civic Square

ph: 03 6324 2040


RFA & Agreed Private Forests Broadscale Clearing Deadline


Is Harriss in Breach of RFA – or Has it Been Changed Secretly? 

The Minister for Resources Paul Harriss must come clean on whether he has secretly negotiated a formal change to the Regional Forests Agreement (RFA) with the Commonwealth, or whether he is in breach of the RFA with his announcement to overturn the January deadline for an end to broad-scale clearing and conversion of native forest on private land, Greens Leader and Forests spokesperson Kim Booth MP said today.

“Clause 45 of the 2005 Supplementary Regional Forest Agreement details the 10 year deadline for the end of broad-scale clearing of native forest vegetation on private land as formally agreed by both the federal and state governments,” Mr Booth said. [1]

Statement: Martin Place Tragedy


Condolence Statement 

Greens Leader Kim Booth MP today extended the Party’s heartfelt sympathy to all those affected by the incredible and awful Sydney hostage situation which ended so tragically this morning.

“Words hardly seem sufficient at times like these, when people are trying to deal with such a horrific day and tragic outcome. The shock is overwhelming.”

State Finances & Taxation Review Needed


Gutwein Must Heed Wake-up Call From Auditor General 

Pressure is building for the Hodgman government to undertake a comprehensive State Finance and Taxation Review, following the release of the annual state finances report by the Auditor-General, Mike Blake, Greens Leader and Treasury spokesperson Kim Booth MP said.

“The Greens have been calling for an independent comprehensive State Finance and Taxation Review to be undertaken to start to address long term structural problems facing the Tasmanian economy,” Mr Booth said.

Forestry Tasmania Subsidisation Set to Continue


Harriss Grows Forestry Debts With No Plan B 

Forestry Tasmania is set to borrow $31 million against its letter of Comfort this financial year, and still does not have a transition plan in place to move to a full cost recovery business model to end future public subsidies, Greens Leader and Forestry spokesperson Kim Booth MP said today.

“Today’s Forestry Tasmania GBE examination reveals that the industry will receive public subsidies of at least $37 million this financial year,” Mr Booth said.

Energy Sector Props Up Forestry


TasNetworks Props up Forestry Tasmania with $30 million 

Tasmanian Networks Government Business Enterprise Committee hearings (GBEs) today finally exposed the fact that the GBE will be providing financial injections of $20 million to TasRail, and $30 million to Forestry Tasmania for the 2015-16 financial year.

“This government has deliberately kept Tasmanians in the dark over plans to keep pouring public subsidies into failing businesses such as Forestry Tasmania,” Greens Leader Kim Booth MP said today.

Poor Energy Decisions Cost State


Hydro Projections Show Staggering Losses of $694, 991, 553 Over Next Six Years 

Hydro Tasmania’s Government Business Enterprise Committee hearings (GBEs) revealed that recent poor decisions made in the state’s energy sector will cost an estimated staggering $700 million over the next six years, Greens Leader and Energy spokesperson Kim Booth MP said today.

“Six year modelling by Hydro shows the GBE’s projections consist of a massive total of $97,687,737 loss on power purchase agreements (PPA’s) with Chinese company Shenua, given as a deal sweetener when Hydro Tasmania sold them the wind farms,” Mr Booth said.

GBE Committee Hearings Must Look Forward


Liberals Try to Limit GBE Scrutiny 

The Liberal government’s attempt to restrict Government Business Enterprise Committee hearings (GBEs), is a ludicrous and unprecedented attempt to hide from scrutiny, Greens Leader Kim Booth MP said today.

“This bizarre attempt to prevent the committee examining Hydro Tasmania to ask questions pertaining to long term business plans, makes a mockery of these scrutiny hearings,” Mr Booth said.

End of Parliamentary Year


Libs May Escape Parliament But They Cannot Escape Scrutiny 

The Hodgman government may be breathing a sigh of relief with the rising of the Parliament for the end of the year, but they will be sorely mistaken if they believe the pressure will ease off, Greens Leader Kim booth MP said today.

“The Liberals’ training wheels were pretty wobbly over the Assembly’s 35 sitting days since May, and it is clear once the hollow ring of trumpeting selective election promises wears off, there is very little substance, vision or plan to move forward from the Premier or his government,” Mr Booth said.

Renewable Energy Target


Tripartite Support for RET Needed 

The release of a recent report, The RET’s effect on Tasmania, reveals the state’s economy benefits from the Renewable Energy Target to the tune of more than $100 million each year, exposing as sheer self-interest claims from some large industrials that the RET costs, Greens Leader and Energy spokesperson Kim Booth MP said today. [1]

“The Greens are calling for the Premier, Will Hodgman, to lead a tripartite delegation to Canberra to lobby for the retention of the RET,” Mr Booth said.

Public Sector Stop Work Actions


Public Sector Debacle Sees No-Confidence Moved in Premier 

The appalling mishandling of the public sector budget cuts has resulted in a serious break down of communication between the government and the state sector which left the Greens with little choice but to move no confidence in Premier, Greens Leader Kim Booth MP said today.

“The Premier has lost control of this issue. Will Hodgman has presided over a government which has allowed the situation to escalate to the degree that in just seven short months the state has witnessed the largest industrial action in over twenty years,” Mr Booth said.