Kim Booth MP 
Greens Leader

Member for Bass

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Former sawmill business operator, Kim Booth is our MP in Bass. 
He is a strong advocate for equitable access to education and healthcare. Kim is also committed to Tasmania retaining our clean air, that the marine environment is free of toxic effluent.
Coming from a sawmilling background means that Kim Booth knows how to create more jobs with less logs: demonstrated by his radial sawmill proposal for Scottsdale, and his recent local sawmilling trials utilising logs categorised by Forestry Tasmania as only fit for export. 
Kim Booth is the only member in Bass who voted in Parliament against the toxic and controversial Gunns Ltd pulp mill proposal for Bell Bay. 


Bass Electorate Office
Level1, Henty House, Civic Square

ph: 03 6324 2040


Statement by Greens Leader Kim Booth MP

Kim Booth to Step Down From Parliament 

Greens Leader Kim Booth MP has today announced he is resigning from the State Parliament, and as leader of the Tasmanian Greens effective Immediately, citing both family reasons and the need for Party renewal.

“It has been an honour and a privilege to serve the Greens in the parliament for the last 13 years and I have been humbled by the support given to me by our members," Mr Booth said.

No Forest Furnaces

Forest Furnaces in RET Will Lock in Logging, Public Subsidies 

The Hodgman government must rule out lobbying for native forest logging waste and biomass to be included in the Renewable Energy Target, or admit they will be locking in ongoing public subsidisation of the logging industry, Greens Leader and Energy spokesperson Kim Booth MP said today.

“Including the burning of timber waste generated by industrial scale logging of our native forests into the RET will lock in an unviable logging business model and lock in ongoing public subsidies to prop it up,” Mr Booth said.

Second Basslink Madness

Scrap Second Basslink Pipedream

A second Basslink cable is a fools pipedream which risks taxpayer money, and higher power prices for local consumers, and is also an admission that the government does not have a long term plan to deal with major industrials leaving, Greens Leader and Energy spokesperson Kim Booth MP said today.

“The Hodgman government and Hydro Tasmania should be focusing on providing affordable and cheap locally generated power to local mums and dads, rather than seek to continue on with their ridiculous off-shore empire building,” Mr Booth said.

Involve Community in Tackling Crime

Call for Safe Community Taskforce to Tackle Northern Crime Surge 

The Hodgman government needs to urgently convene a Safe Community taskforce to develop a strategy to tackle the apparent increase in crime, including the recent spates in property crime, before it gets out of control, Greens Leader and Police spokesperson Kim Booth MP said today.

“Locals are raising with me serious concerns that the recently highlighted surge in property crime in Launceston is spiralling out of control, a trend which of course isn’t just limited to the north,” Mr Booth said.

Forestry Confusion from Liberals

Gutwein, Harriss, Annells at Loggerheads Over Forestry 

Greens Leader and Forestry spokesperson, Kim Booth MP today described Tasmania as a “state of confusion” as Treasurer Peter Gutwein, Minister for Resources Paul Harriss, and head of Forestry Tasmania Bob Annells, argue over whether or not the government business’ assets will be sold off in an attempt to pull the rogue agency out of the mud, yet again.

“The Treasurer needs to answer a very simple question here: Who is running this State? The government or Forestry Tasmania?” Mr Booth said.

Forestry Grant Fraud Concerns

Government Must Come Clean On Forestry Exit Funds Fraud and Non-Compliance


Joint Statement with Senator Peter Whish-Wilson

The Greens have called for a halt on further public money being provided to the forestry industry in light of confirmation there has been at least one identified case of fraud, and other instances of non-compliance, with the taxpayer funded Tasmanian Forestry Grants Programs.

"The fact that fraud charges are being considered, that numerous non compliance notices have been made and that a full compliance audit is under way confirms the stench around this controversial process has substance," State Greens Leader and Forestry spokesperson Kim Booth MP said.

Federal Budget Response

Federal Budget Priorities Liberal Self-Interest Over Tasmania's Interests


The Abbott federal budget is clearly more focused on investing in the Liberal Party’s future than it is about investing in the future of those doing it tough, or in rebuilding Tasmania’s education and health sectors which suffered in last year’s federal funding cuts, Greens Leader and Treasury spokesperson Kim Booth MP said today.

“This federal budget offers no vision, and no boost for the state. It is clear a rattled Liberal Party is prioritising their electoral self-interest over the interests of Tasmanians doing it tough, the environment and our education and health sectors,” Mr Booth said.

Minister Squirms Over Forestry Broken Promises


Desperate Harriss Seeks to Claim Credit for Private  Forestry

The attempts by Resources Minister Paul Harriss this morning on local radio to take credit for the investment by some private forestry businesses such as New Forests, or Forico, was extraordinary and borders on delusional, Greens Leader and Forests spokesperson Kim Booth MP said today.

“Put bluntly, Paul Harriss and the Hodgman Liberals are exposed for their blatant broken election promises to both ‘grow the forest industry’ and end all public subsidies to prop up Forestry Tasmania,” Mr Booth said.

Newnham Police Station Concerns


Community Deserves Input into Police Station Closure

Police Minister, Rene Hidding must commit to consulting with local communities over any plans to downsize or close local police stations, Greens Leader and police spokesperson Kim Booth MP said today.

“Residents in Launceston’s Northern Suburbs are raising concerns over the potential closure of the Newnham Police stations, and the lack of information forthcoming,” Mr Booth said.

Repeal Pulp Mill Permit


Repeal Pulp Mill Permit and Support Alternative Investment Options 

The Hodgman government should move to repeal the controversial Pulp Mill Permit, and free up the Gunns’ Longreach site for potential alternative investors who may be interested in utilising the site for non-pulp mill purposes, Greens Leader Kim Booth MP said today.

“Given reported comments by the CEO of the Tasmanian Industry Chamber of Commerce, that the ‘proposed pulp mill was too far gone’, it is time the state also catches up with the times and the investor mood and repeal the pulp mill permit,” Mr Booth said.