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Andrea Dawkins MP

Member for Bass


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Andrea is an experienced small business operator, having been the founder of Fresh restaurant; Launceston's first establishment to exclusively offer vegetarian and vegan cuisine.  The business evolved into a hybrid social enterprise focussed on promoting social inclusion, food provenance and animal welfare.

Fresh became a hub for the 'green' community, particularly at the height of the anti pulp mill movement.  

Harvest Market in Launceston became Andrea's next major project and has developed into a weekly farmers market offering produce and cuisine sourced exclusively from Tasmania.  Harvest is now a permanent fixture in the Launceston CBD each Saturday.

After establishing herself locally in the small business sector, local food movement, as well as social and environmental activism, Andrea nominated and was elected as an Alderman on the Launceston City Council in 2014.  Although her time in Council was cut short to take up her seat in the House of Assembly, Andrea took the opportunity while there to strongly voice her support for marriage equality in Tasmania and nationally.

Andrea also nominated as a candidate for the seat of Bass in the Lower House election in March 2014, eventually taking up the position of Greens Member for Bass upon the resignation of the former sitting member, Kim Booth.

Local food, healthy communities, sustainable farming and agriculture, as well as animal welfare and many social justice issues are of particular importance to Andrea and she will continue to advocate strongly for social inclusion through better education for the community.

In Parliament

  • Ms  DAWKINS  - Once the controlled access scheme comes in September, where do Tasmanians, who are successfully treating conditions with home-grown cannabis now, stand?
    Mr FERGUSON - I will get the Chief Pharmacist to add to my answer in a moment. 
    First, we do not encourage people to do that.  We want to encourage people to only be taking medicines that are prescribed by a doctor of good standing and dispensed through licit means.  I will not attempt to canvass what the Police Commissioner or the minister would have to say about this.
  • GREYHOUNDS - Questions to Minister Gutwein 5th June 2017
    Ms  DAWKINS  - I have a question about amendments to the Dog Control Act.  I am sure you are aware Brightside Farm Sanctuary is getting in between 30 and 40 dogs a month, whereas the Greyhound Adoption Program Tasmania gets around 60 for an entire year.  Yet in the draft legislation only GAP dogs were able to be unmuzzled.
  • Ms  DAWKINS  - Have you reassessed your cull permit system, considering the outbreak of mange in the wombat population and the localised extinctions?
    Mr ROCKLIFF - The cull permit system was recently reassessed by the Minister for Environment and Parks.  I am now responsible for wombats as a result of the changes we made recently.  Mr Groom announced funding of around $105 000, divided into three main categories concerning wombat mange.  It is a parasite that burrows into the skin, a mite.
    Ms  DAWKINS  - I know you are aware of the group in Kelso called the Wombat Warriors who are trying desperately to save wombats in that area.  We believe there is localised extinction in Narawntapu now and the concern is that extinction is going to travel south.  I know they are using Cydectin now, something Mr Rockliff enabled.

    I rise with full support for the bill brought to the House by Ms O'Connor and Ms Giddings.  This bill seeks to do these things:  provide a last resort for terminally ill and chronically ill patients who are competent and whose competency can be attested to; to give clarity for medical practitioners through an independent registrar with the responsibility to maintain records and review all assisted deaths.

  • 24 may 2017

    Andrea Dawkins MP to move -

    That the House - 

    1.      Notes that the Greens have released a Reinvesting in Regions policy, which aims to empower Tasmanian regions to set their own development agenda free of political interference and with a significant fund to draw on;

    2.      Recognises that this policy incorporates all elements of regional development policy best practice;

  • 30th May 2017

    Andrea Dawkins to move –

    That the house -

    1.     Recognises the achievement of Launceston’s Bronwyn Kidd, a young entrepreneur who has reached the Tasmanian final of Regional Pitchfest in June 2017.

    2.     Notes that Regional Pitchfest is an opportunity for regional innovators and entrepreneurs to pitch their business and ideas to a live audience and expert panel, and gain experience and exposure.


    [10.30 a.m.]

  • Ms DAWKINS question to PREMIER, Mr HODGMAN
    [10.31 a.m.]

    [10.12 a.m.]


    [10.31 a.m.]
    As a part of your plan to reduce the elective surgery waiting list, you are sending public elective surgery patients to private hospitals in Tasmania and in Melbourne. Serious concerns have been raised about follow-up care with post-operative patients. We are aware of patients presenting to the emergency department at the LGH with no paperwork and no after-surgery care plan with infections and other issues.

  • Ms Dawkins to move—That the House:—

  • Ms Dawkins to move—That the House:—

  • Ms Dawkins to move—That the House:—

  • Ms Dawkins to move—That the House:—