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Decriminalising Personal Drug Use Bill 2023

Public Consultation

The war on drugs has failed – we need a new approach. Following the decriminalisation of personal drug use in the ACT, the Tasmanian Greens have developed a draft bill to decriminalise the personal use of drugs in Tasmania, and we want to hear your thoughts.

Decriminalisation simply means the personal use of drugs is no longer considered a criminal offence. This does not legalise drugs.

All other drug offences – including drug manufacture, sale or supply – would remain offences.

Decriminalising drugs will mean people are less likely to be caught in a cycle of crime, and more likely to seek treatment for addiction. Our courts will have far fewer cases, helping reduce massive backlogs. Prison overcrowding will come down. Police will be freed to focus their resources on stopping people who sell and supply large-scale amounts of drugs.

By no longer sending people to court for possessing a small quantity of drugs for personal use, our community will be safer and healthier. Many patterns of more dangerous drug use will actually decrease. How do we know this? Read more below.

You can access the draft bill on this page, as well as a detailed explainer to assist you in making a submission.

read some of the evidence here

Many Australians are still charged for possession of only minor quantities of drugs.

Decriminalising drugs reduces the burden on courts and prisons.

Decriminalising personal drug use does not, as some opponents argue, increase the use of drugs.

Decriminalising drugs in Portugal has led to less drug use among teenagers for almost every type of drug.

Decriminalising drugs in Portugal has led to higher levels of drug seizures, as police resources focused on larger operations.

Heroin use and deaths have gone down since drugs were decriminalised in Portugal, and heroin users have been more likely to get treatment.

Dr Paul Blacklow, an economist at the University of Tasmania, estimates that drug decriminalisation in Tasmania would result in a financial saving of $61.8 million per year.


This survey has now closed, stay posted for updates.