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Education Key to Prosperity

Media Release -

Greens pledge Gonski support

The Tasmanian Greens today reiterated their commitment to supporting the Gonski education reforms, particularly the continuation of funding for years five and six of the Better Schools funding plan.

Greens Leader and Education spokesperson Nick McKim MP, who addressed today’s AEU Gonski Guarantee rally, said the sixth year of funding must also become the baseline for minimum school funding levels in perpetuity.

On behalf of the Tasmanian Greens I’m proud to sign the Gonski Pledge calling on the Federal Government to commit to years five and six of the Better Schools funding plan,” Mr McKim said.

“It is in years five and six of the original Gonski proposals where the real funding increases flowed and real advantages would be delivered to Tasmanian schools.”

“The sixth year of Gonski should form a minimum benchmark for school funding for Tasmania into the future.  It is a needs based funding model designed to help by extra loadings our most disadvantaged children, whether they be disadvantaged by socioeconomics, disability, or because they live in remote areas.”

“There is nothing more important we can do to ensure Tasmania’s future prosperity than properly fund our education system, which is why the Greens have always supported the full six years funding plan.”

“We need to see a commitment from both the Federal and State Liberal parties to the entirety of Gonski, which is the full six years.”