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Election Campaign Day 1

Nick McKim: Tasmania is ready for genuine change

There is no doubt that many Tasmanians believe it’s time for a change.
This election gives Tasmanians the opportunity to vote for genuine change.
And while Labor and Liberal look to the past, it's the Greens who are looking to the future.
While Labor and Liberal promote old conflicts and divisions, the Greens are working toward a new political and economic model based on co-operation.
While Labor and Liberal repeat the failures of the past, the Greens are backing the creativity of our people and supporting new enterprises that take advantage of our natural strengths.
While Labor and Liberal want Tasmania to be the same as everywhere else, the Greens value the things that make our island unique in the world.
Tasmania is a state bursting with potential, ripe for new attitudes and economic opportunities based on our natural strengths and competitive advantages.
The best Liberal and Labor can come up with is the pulp mill, and the same tired old ideas.
The key to our island economy is the emerging mosaic of enterprises in renewable energy, agriculture, science, education, digital innovation, communications, creative businesses, tourism, fine foods, wines, beverages and so much more.
The time has come for Tasmania to create our own future, instead of having it dictated to us by government, politicians and corporations.
This is about the power of individuals working in co-operation, to create a caring and prosperous Tasmania.
It’s the Tasmanian people who will write the next chapter in the story of our fantastic island state.
Nick McKim MP,
Greens Leader