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Government Must Fund Home Palliative Care Services

15 March 2017
Rosalie Woodruff MP

Ms Woodruff to move—That the House notes:—

(1) Notes that the Liberals have delivered another serious blow to a core public health
service with the closure of the only palliative care support and education service in
Tasmania, Palliative Care Tasmania.

(2) Further notes that in the last four years Palliative Care Tasmania has helped
thousands of Tasmanians through death literacy, including training 1,400 medical
professionals, and informing 72 community groups about how to die at home.

(3) Understands that in Tasmania 26% of people die at home, but more than 70% of
people want to, surrounded by family and friends.

(4) Recognises the home palliative care model can be delivered for around $55 a day
compared to more than $1,200 a day in a hospital.


(5) Further understands the loss of this service is a gross government failure that forces
dying Tasmanians and their families to use hospital services, increasing the pressure
on our hospital system.

(6) Acknowledges the loss of Palliative Care Tasmania is on top of the expected loss of
Hospice@home this June, which provides around the clock home-based palliative
care for over 2,200 Tasmanians.

(7) Calls on the Government to give Tasmanians who wish to end their days in the
comfort of their own homes with their loved ones through committing to fund
palliative care programs that have lost federal funding. (15 March 2017)