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Greens Franklin Ticket Launched with Coast Care Policy Initiative

Media Release -

Greens back community coast care groups 

The Tasmanian Greens today used the launch of their Franklin candidate ticket to highlight the need to boost assistance to local Coast Care groups.

Greens Leader and Member for Franklin Nick McKim MP said the Greens’ Empowering Local Coast Care Groups policy initiative would provide a $300, 000 Coast Care Fund over four years to provide grants to local groups to protect, remediate or enhance Tasmania's coastline.

“The Franklin electorate is blessed with a large, diverse and beautiful stretch of Tasmania’s coastline, and all of my running mates on the Franklin ticket appreciate the importance of helping those who look after it,” Mr McKim said.
“On behalf of the Greens, the Franklin team is proud to release our election commitment to establish a $300, 000 Coast Care Fund to assist those community groups around our state who dedicate their lives, to protecting and restoring Tasmania's precious coastline.”
“The work of coast care groups is so important in making sure that the beaches and coastal areas Tasmanians use daily, as well as more remote areas, are well looked after.”
“Our coast care groups have the local knowledge, they have the passion, and they deserve all the support they can get.”
“Whether they are busy restoring dunes, fighting back weeds or protecting the habitat of threatened shorebirds, the work done by these volunteers is for the benefit of all Tasmanians.”
“The Tasmanian Greens recognise this valuable contribution and we are committed to making sure local groups have access to the funds they need to complete their work.”
“With the threat of rising sea levels and extreme weather events as a result of climate change, the work of these coast care groups will only become more important.”
“Coast care groups are our first line of defence against the effects of rising sea levels, and caring for our coastlines will become more important than ever in coming years, which is why we need this new funding.”
“Tasmania’s stunning, wild coastline is one of our most important ecological, social and economic assets.  We need to be sure we properly support those Tasmanians who are looking after it,” Mr McKim said.
The Greens’ Franklin ticket consists of:

 Greens Leader Nick McKim MP

 Dr Rosalie Woodruff

 Richard Atkinson

 Simon Burnett

 Zoe Kean

A copy of the the Greens’ Empowering Local Coast Care Groups Policy Initiative 2014 is available here.