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Greens in Government

New Greens campaign site rolls out achievement record

Tasmanian Greens Leader Nick McKim today launched a key part of the Greens online strategy for the 2014 election.

The Greens’ new innovative social media campaign website, breaks new ground in the use of social media in Tasmanian State election campaigns.

“This new innovative campaign site currently features five  of the Greens most significant achievements both in government and a power sharing parliament,” Mr McKim said

“Every day between now and the Election Day, yet another Greens achievement will be added to the website to demonstrate to people that they got value for their vote in the 2010 election when they voted Green.”

“The website is an opportunity for the Tasmanian community to see what their Green MPs have delivered over the past four years and share those achievements with others.”

“In 2010, the Greens said that we were ready to deliver, and thanks to the support of the Tasmanian people at that election, we absolutely have delivered.”