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Hapless Minister's Missing Power

Parliamentary Activity - Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Question without Notice

5 April 2016

To the Minister for Energy

Minister, according to your Energy Supply Plan and recent public comments, 100MW of diesel generation has now been installed and is operational, and the 58MW Trent gas turbine has been returned from servicing and is in operation, bringing the Tamar Valley Power stations operational gas generation capacity up to its full 386MW.

However, the National Energy Market’s live generation data shows that:

·        on 3 April at 11.30am only 37MW of diesel generation and 320MW of gas generation was operational;

·        on 4 April at 2pm only 46MW of diesel generation and 319MW of gas generation was operational; and

·        this morning at 8:20am only 47MW of diesel generation and 306MW of gas generation was operational.

Minister, are these live numbers from the National Energy Market wrong?  Is the first 100MW of diesel generation and the returned 58MW Trent open cycle turbine actually operational and generating electricity or are we continuing to draw down our precious Hydro storages?