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Labour Day

Workers Rights Still Need Protecting

This annual Labour Day is both a celebration of past recognitions of workers rights, as well as a source of inspiration for today’s workers facing the most anti-worker government Tasmania has seen for decades, Greens Leader Kim Booth MP said today.

“Labour day was a huge victory for workers rights, with its recognition of every person’s right to eight hours work, rest and sleep each day,” Mr Booth said.

“These are fundamental rights but the recent revenge and ideological driven attack on the state’s public sector workers by the Hodgman government demonstrates why we must never take past wins for granted.”

“This Eight Hour day is a time for celebration, but it should also serve as a reminder that hard-won rights and recognition can still be eroded after time.”

“The Liberals’ shift and callous move to break their election promise of only 500 public sector jobs over the term of government and no cuts to front-line services has left a cloud of fear and distrust hanging over workers and their families.”

“These savage cuts are punitive in nature and serve no good long-term or strategic reason.”

“Instead it is merely those in power flexing their muscles just because they can.  It is revenge driven and destructive.’

“This nasty and vindictive vendetta has the hallmarks similar to the abuse and exploitation that previous generations fought to overcome.” 

“Their efforts and success deserve celebration, but they should also inspire today’s workers to stand strong for their rights with the same fortitude and dignity, and to stand united against this most vindictive and anti-worker government Tasmania has witnessed in generations,” Mr Booth said.