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Lake Malbena - Corrupt Process

27 November 2018


Have you read any one of the 100plus personal and community group 
submissions to the federal Environment department in the first opportunity 
as Tasmanians had to comment on the proposal to privatise Halls Island for 
a luxury helicopter access proposal inside the Tasmanian Wilderness World 
Heritage Area? The majority of these submissions are from groups and 
individuals who would not call themselves Greens. The resolve in these 
submissions is strong. Do you accept your corrupted EOI process has all 
but guaranteed many of your own voters will be blockading the wilderness 
to ensure its protection for all to enjoy?



Madam Speaker, I thank the member for the question. Yes, I have seen 
submissions from those who are not supportive of the project. I have seen 
submissions. I have also received correspondence from people who are 
supportive. I respect the fact that there are many people, regardless of 
who they voted for, who will have views one way or the other on these 
matters, but that should not determine government policy nor should that 
corrupt process. 

For the party that often demands of government the best possible process, 
in this instance where there are state and local government processes and, 
by virtue of a self-nomination, a Commonwealth process, where the 
proponent is able to meet those tests, I believe that they should be 
respected for not only doing that but able to achieve that so-called 
social licence that some complain about. 

Notwithstanding the fact there will be those who express their views to me 
and the Government, I believe they will no doubt attend rallies and 
perhaps be misled at them, as some would have been if they listened to 
what some were saying in recent public forums about the processes that 
have been undertaken. 

For those people who are concerned about this, I say do not listen to the 
Greens or the environmental movement. Please take the time to understand 
the facts, the processes that have put in place. Those which the 
proponents have adhered to, who have willingly presented themselves to 
this point have received support for their project. This Government, nor 
indeed good process should not be influenced by what the Leader of the 
Greens would suggest we be, depending on who may or may not turn up to 
public rallies or may or may not write to the Government.

These matters should be independently, appropriately tested by good 
process as has happened with this case.