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Lake Malbena - National Parks and Wildlife Advisory Council Advice

16 October 2018


We now know that your key parks advisory body advised the federal 
government not to give EPBC approval to the Lake Malbena proposal in the 
Walls of Jerusalem National Park. We have a copy of that advice which we 
seek the leave of the House to table.

I move -

That this advice be tabled.

Madam SPEAKER - Convention is that normally you would give more notice.

Ms O'CONNOR - In the interests of openness and transparency, will you 
commit to tabling the advice that the National Parks and Wildlife Advisory 
Council provided to you on the flawed opaque state approval process?

Can you explain why the advice of people with expertise in parks 
management and protection has been ignored by two levels of government in 
order to allow the degradation of wilderness values at Lake Malbena in the 
Walls of Jerusalem National Park?


Madam Speaker, I thank the member for Clark for the question. I will not 
delay question time by reiterating the steps and processes that have been 
undertaken on this proposal at commonwealth and state level.

I will take advice and provide a response at a later time. I will not do 
anything that will compromise good process and that allows a proposal like 
this to be assessed at a state and commonwealth level and available for 
consultation and the views of many.

Not all the advice and views I have received are supportive of this 
project, but I have confidence in the process, state and Commonwealth, 
that has recommended the proposal proceed.