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Liberal Party - Progressive Policy Obstacles

22 November 2018


Do you agree with your Speaker that the Liberal Party has a strong right-
wing Christian element? Do you agree this right-wing element within your 
party, both at a state and federal level, is an obstacle to progressive 
policy and a fairer Tasmania? We note the presence of Senator Abetz in 
this building during the two days that amendments to the Births, Deaths 
and Marriage Act were on the agenda. Do you agree hard-line conservatives 
are holding Tasmania back? Who runs the Liberal Party, you or the extreme 


Madam Speaker, I thank the member for the question. It is often said of 
the Liberal Party that we are a broad church. That is good because we 
reflect the views, aspirations and opinions of so many Tasmanians - so 
many more than voted for you at the election eight months ago. It is a 
fact often ignored by members opposite that Tasmanians had their chance to 
vote on who they thought should form the next government 264 days ago and 
they voted in another majority Liberal government. 

When you talk about being progressive, I point to the progress we have 
made as a state over recent years, including those in which we have been 
in government, most notably the strong economic performance our state now 
enjoys; the progress that has been made getting 15 000 Tasmanians back 
into work; the progress we are making on rebuilding our health system, 
which was in disrepair four years ago, or improving our education 
standards, which were the worst in the country. We are now getting more 
kids into schools across our state and improving their educational 
opportunities. How is that for progress? That is progress under a 
majority Liberal government. 

We are progressing major infrastructure upgrades. We are progressing our 
vision for Tasmania to be the nation's renewable energy battery. We are 
progressing our reforms to reduce cost of living pressures for Tasmanians, 
whether it be power bills or through other supports we are providing to 
them. We are progressing the great opportunities for further economic 
growth by improving the opportunities for young Tasmanians to enter the 
skilled workforce, for Tasmanians businesses to take on apprentices. Our 
communities are safer thanks to more police, police that we sacked under 
the former government. 

There is much happening in our state. There is a lot to be excited about 
and much more to be done. We are focused on that. We are not going to 
engage in the political playtime that so often consumes members opposite. 
We are getting on with the job of delivering our plan. It is delivering