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Liberals Attack University Education

UTAS funding to be cut by $23.8 million 

The Tasmanian Greens today released Senate Budget Estimates documentation which reveals the University of Tasmania’s funding will be cut by $23.8 million over the next four years by the Federal government.
Greens Leader Nick McKim MP said that the University of Tasmania is a key driver of the new economy in Tasmania, and the funding cut will make things more difficult than they needed to be for UTAS.
“UTAS is a key driver of Tasmania’s new economy, and is attracting world class scientists and researchers from around the world right now," Mr McKim said.
“The knowledge economy is so important for Tasmania, and is fundamental in delivering vibrancy and prosperity for our economy and our people."
“We have the highest per capita number of scientists of any Australian state, and this cut, on top of cuts already announced to CSIRO, will slow Tasmania’s transition to the new economy.”
“These cuts come at a time when UTas is leading the way nationally and internationally with work like Sense-T, attracting international students, and marine and climate science.”
"These are some of the areas where the Greens believe Tasmania's future prosperity lies, and that's why these cuts are so disappointing."
"UTAS has an outstanding and exciting vision for further growth, and increasing the already crucial role it plays in our economy and our community, and although that vision will still be achieved, these cuts make its delivery more challenging than it needed to be."
“As a one university state where UTAS is such a key player in our economy and our future, there is a strong case to have another look at the federal funding model for universities to make sure cuts like this don't hit some states harder than others."
“The Greens warned at the time the previous Federal Labor government announced their ‘efficiency dividend’ on Australian Universities to help find the Gonski reforms that it was robbing Peter to pay Paul."
"Now that we've seen the detailed expected impact on UTAS, our concerns have grown," Mr McKim said.
ATTACHMENT:  Senate Budget Estimate Questions on Notice: Answer re University Funding Cuts_Jan 2014.

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