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Marine Farming Planning Review Panel - Petuna Fish Farm, Storm Bay

11 April 2019
Rosalie Woodruff MP


Dr WOODRUFF (Franklin) - Madam Speaker, I rise to read back to the House 
the stink bomb that was quietly delivered by Mr Barnett this morning in 
question time when he revealed that he has accepted the recommendations of 
the Marine Farming Planning Review Panel and approved an application by 
Petuna to set up a massive fish farm off Betsy Island in Storm Bay. This 
was a sham process, it is a disgrace and I will take the House through the 
corrupted process that has been used to date. 

A recommendation was made by the Marine Farming Planning Review Panel on 
30 November and approved by the minister on 2 April. There was a four-
month gap there. In the process of approval for the Marine Farming 
Planning Review Panel hundreds of people made submissions. There were 
public hearings that went for days in Hobart. Not a single submission or 
the public statement made in the hearings process was taken account of 
when the panel made its deliberation. We can be confident about that 
because we have had a look at the information that was provided to the 
panel by marine farming branch, the branch of the department that provided 
information to the panel on the submissions. They made an assessment 
about what information the panel should take account of and what it should 
not. On almost every occasion, the recommendation to the panel was that 
the representation that had been made or the submission that had been 
received did not create any need for modification of the draft amendment. 

I want to read in the comments that were made by Christine Coughanowr on 
behalf of the Derwent Estuary Program, which was a bombshell in the 
hearing process. The Derwent Estuary Program had severe concerns about 
the impact on the nutrient load on the Derwent River with a proposed 40 
000 tonnes of fish excrement going into Storm Bay and up into the Derwent 
River each year. Their comments make it clear that there is no 
environmental baseline, that there is no accounting for the impact on the 
whole system from the Storm Bay proposals. Christine Coughanowr, on 
behalf of the Derwent Estuary Program, raised concerns about water quality, 
substrate and fauna, marine vegetation, threatened species, introduced 
marine pests, climate change, environmental management, recreational 
fishing, land use and development, marine farm planning practice, holistic 
impact assessment. None of these were considered relevant by the 
department, the Marine Farming Branch, for the panel to take any account 
of in their assessment of the application.

This is a rubber stamp committee. Only five of the nine panel members 
were present when the decision was made for the Petuna Storm Bay approval. 
The panel was meant to have a person with expertise in biosecurity and 
that person was not there. A person with expertise in fish health, a 
person with expertise in environmental management, a person nominated by 
the chairperson of the Tasmanian Planning Commission and a person with 
boating, recreational and navigational issues. None of those people were 
on the panel when the recommendation was made by the panel for that 
particular application for Storm Bay to go ahead. It is a disgrace. It 
is an outrage. It is a total abuse of a process which the Government 
pretends to be world's best practice. It is anything but.

What we know is that the threatened screw shell is found in the vicinity 
of the lease in the survey area. In all likelihood, there will be an 
investigation of the EPBC impact of that Storm Bay fish farm on that 
particular animal. The EPA still has its processes to go through.

What is incredibly clear is that there was absolutely nothing that this 
Government was prepared to listen to in terms of science or community 
comments, the impact on other industries and the impact on the marine 
environment about this fish farm expansion going ahead. This is all about 
opening the door to the industry for access to public waterways, 
endangering the impact on the marine environment and on people's lives and 
people's businesses. There is nothing that the Liberal Party is doing to 
protect anything except the interests of those three big fish farm 

It is a shame. People do understand that this Government is not standing 
up for them or the marine environment. It is only the Greens who are 
speaking out about this. Labor is lock-step with this position. It is a 
false idea to imagine that it will benefit anyone other than the industry 
and its own private profit-making activities.