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Marriage equality breakthrough

ACT becomes the rainbow territory

The Tasmanian Greens Leader Nick McKim MP today welcomed the passage of the Marriage Equality Same-Sex Bill in the ACT, with the help of Greens MLA Shane Rattenbury.
“To every member of the ACT Legislative Assembly who supported this legislation, the Tasmanian Greens offer our sincerest congratulations,” Mr McKim said.
“In particular, we extend our congratulations to Shane Rattenbury who has campaigned so strongly on this issue on behalf of the LGBTI community.”
“Our nation’s capital territory has sent a powerful message to thousands of same sex couples across Australia that marriage equality has finally arrived on Australian shores.”
“The sacrifice, suffering and struggle of thousands of gay and lesbian Canberrans has been answered with a message of love.” 
“The dominos have at last begun to fall, and it’s only a matter of time before Tasmanian same sex couples will also have the opportunity to get married in their own home state.”
“Of course it would have been great if Tasmania had led the way and become the first jurisdiction to make this change, but that’s not what’s important.”
“There is still an important and groundbreaking role for Tasmania as potentially the first state to legislate for marriage equality.”
“The shadow of Tony Abbott unfortunately still looms large over these laws, and only time will tell whether the Liberals decide to respect the will of the ACT Parliament, and the people it represents.”