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Marriage equality setback

Tasmania's Upper House entrenches inequality, mediocrity

Tasmanian Greens Leader Nick McKim MP today expressed sadness and disappointment at the Legislative Council’s decision to sink hopes for marriage equality in Tasmania.
Mr McKim said the Greens would continue the fight, and pledged to re-introduce the legislation in the next term of parliament.
“Sadly we must now acknowledge that marriage equality will not happen in this term of parliament,” Mr McKim said.
“The jobs and economic opportunities are now missed, and what Tasmania is instead facing is a potential exodus of young Tasmanians.”
“The Legislative Council has delivered mediocrity for Tasmania, and they have once again held our community back just when it was ready for change.”
“Sex couples were merely asking for the right to have the love in their hearts recognised in law, and the Greens did not think that was too much to ask.”
“The saddest part is the message this decision sends to young same sex attracted Tasmanians, and to those young Tasmanians who are coming to terms with their own sexuality.” 
“The Greens’ message to the thousands of Tasmanian same sex couples today is that, although your political leaders have failed you today, this appalling discrimination is only temporary.”
“The Greens will continue this fight until has been won, and we will re-introduce this legislation in the next term of government.”