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McKim Announces Greens Education Policy

$5 million to grow Launching into Learning

The Tasmanian Greens today released their $5 million early years education policy commitment, Growing Launching into Learning (Stage 2), which will expand the highly successful Launching into Learning (LiL) early years program.

Greens Leader and Education spokesperson Nick McKim MP said the additional investment will expand Tasmania’s nation-leading Launching into Learning program into Stage 2 which will cover children from birth to eight years of age.


“The Greens’ commitment of $5 million will fund Stage 2 of our highly successful LiL program, and expand its services from birth to eight year old, from the current upper limit of five year olds,” Mr McKim said.

“This investment will also fund 14 teacher FTEs and seven teacher aide FTE positions across up to 70 schools.”

“As a Greens Education Minister, I oversaw the roll out of Launching into Learning into every one of the state’s 153 primary schools, and we are committed to continue building on the fantastic foundations it provides our kids.”

“The beauty of LiL is it fosters a strong sense of engagement and involvement between parents and the early learning experiences of their child.  Under the Greens’ plan they will now be encouraged to continue being involved with their child’s educational progress beyond five years old and up to eight years old instead.”

“Last year’s 2013 NAPLAN National Report saw Tasmanian students improving more strongly than their interstate counterparts over the previous two years, with LiL’s positive effects evident in the rapidly improving Year 3 NAPLAN results.”

“We have also seen that LiL is halving the number of students failing to achieve the minimum Prep reading standard, and reducing by a third the number of students failing to achiever the minimum maths standard.”

“Attendance rates have also been boosted by about two school days each year, when compared with non-LiL students, and is definitely delivering strong improvements for disadvantaged children.”

“By increasing the scope of LiL to include students who are eight years old, we are building on numeracy and literacy improvement rates and ensuring LiL becomes an integral school retention strategy as well.”

“We are seeing conclusive evidence that when children and their families engage with learning from birth, it sets them up for success at school, and is fundamental to their future.”

“Investing in education is the key to future prosperity, and this Greens’ $5 million commitment into boosting and expanding the scope of this successful early years program gives our kids the best start possible,” Mr McKim said.

"  Download the Greens’ Growing Launching into Learning (Stage 2): Quality Education, Quality Future election commitment, February 2014.