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Mr Brooks - Offer of Resignation

29 November 2018


I will give you one more opportunity to make sure the public and Hansard 
records are correct. Did Mr Brooks offer his resignation to you following 
his performance at the Estimates table and subsequent public shaming? Did 
he offer it you but you rejected it because, despite his appalling conduct, 
you calculated that you needed him in here and in Braddon?



Madam Speaker, for the second time, no, that is not true. As recently as 
this morning, Adam Brooks has confirmed it is his intention to continue to 
serve as a member for Braddon. He will take time to address medical 
concerns on the advice of his doctor. It is his intention not to go 
anywhere. I reject the suggestion made by the Leader of the Opposition.

Ms O'CONNOR - Point of order, Madam Speaker. This is a very serious 
question. The Premier needs to be very honest with this House. I raise 
standing order 45; relevance. Did Mr Brooks offer you his resignation 
following his misleading actions in 2016?

Madam SPEAKER - Unfortunately, that is not a point of order. I will have 
to ignore it.