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New Analysis Unveiled

Media Release -

Greens ready for government

The Tasmanian Greens Leader Nick McKim MP today released analysis by electoral expert Dr Kevin Bonham that shows that the Greens can win seven seats at the State Election.

“The polls, along with Dr Bonham's analysis, show that the Greens can win seven seats at this election,” Mr McKim said.

"If that happens we could be in a position to form government with other parties.”

"We agree with Dr Bonham that this is not a foregone conclusion."

“After 16 years in government Labor is facing decimation.”

"Tasmanians want change, and Labor can't win. The only alternative to a radically conservative Liberal government is the Greens."

“We've done our apprenticeship for the last four years, and we are ready for government.  Greens Ministers managed nearly half of the state budget over the past three years.”

“We have significantly more Ministerial experience in our ranks than the Liberals.”

“We have a clear and strong vision, and we have always said that our long term aim is to form government.”

"Unlike the Australian Democrats, the Greens are not just here to keep the bastards honest. We're here to replace the bastards."

Dr Bonham’s analysis is available for download from the Greens MPs website.