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Premier Must Listen to Bellerive Community on Kangaroo Bay Development

15 March 2017
Rosalie Woodruff MP

Ms Woodruff to move—That the House:—

(1) Notes that Clarence City Council has approved a development for a Hotel and
Hospitality Training School and apartments to be built in Kangaroo Bay.

(2) Understands the building on Cambridge road would be 5 storeys, 20.2 metres high,
and 83 metres long, and form a continuous solid structure with no breaks, obscuring
views of the bay, city and mountain from the road and neighbouring suburb, and will
be totally out of scale with other buildings on Cambridge Road.

(3) Further understands the first that local residents heard of this building was when a
Development Application was lodged with the Clarence City Council and advertised
over the Christmas and New Year period, with a submissions open from 17
December 2016 to 12 January 2017.

(4) Recognises the Clarence Council did not facilitate any public consultation about the
increased scale of the development, that the timing of the application meant almost
no community-wide discussion could occur, and that professional help from legal
firms and planning specialists was not available for residents over the Christmas and
New Year period.

(5) Notes with concern that Clarence Council made an urgent amendment to change the
Clarence Interim Planning Scheme on 9 January 2017 to enable the proposed
application to proceed, only three days before the advertised period ended.

(6) Acknowledges Kangaroo Bay residents have collected over 1,700 signatures, the
majority being from locals who support a development in this place, but who want to
have a say in such a major development proposal, and who want the size and impact
of this proposal to be reduced.

(7) Understands planning processes are supposed to ensure developments only proceed if
they are in the best interest of the community – yet the Bellerive community have
experienced contempt for their views by their local Council and the state Liberal
Government who have contributed to this development.

(8) Calls on the Premier, Hon. Will Hodgman, MP in his capacity as the Bellerive
community’s local member, to step in and halt the development process until the
concerns of local residents about the scale of the Kangaroo Bay development, and the
process under which it was approved, can be addressed and a modified development
submitted for approval.