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Protect Tasmania's National Parks and Reserves from Inappropriate Commercial Developments

The petition of the undersigned citizens of Tasmania draws to the attention of the House:

(1) The lack of protection for Tasmania's Wilderness World Heritage Area, national parks and reserves from inappropriate commercial developments, demonstrated by:

a. Management plan changes (including changes to zoning_ specifically to facilitate proposed private developments.

b. The granting of exclusive leases of land in national parks to private interests, despite demonstrable impacts on the values of the national park or reserve. 

c. In the case of Halls Island, permission to construct private huts and provide for helicopter access. 

(2) The secrecy of the Expresions of Interest (EOI) process and the abence of any meaningful public consultation or appeal rights in the subsequent assessment processes.


Your petitioners, therefore, request the House to call on the Government to: 

(1) Revoke the lease of Halls Island, Lake Malbena in the Walls of Jerusalem National Park to Wild Drake Pty Ltd. Halls Island should remain public land, free of any commercial development. 

(2) Acknowledge that Tasmania's national parks and reserves are not appropriate locations for intrusive commercial tourism developments: 

a. Replace the Expressions of Interest process with a transparent and collaborative process that encourgaes tourism in local communities, in appropriate locations, outside wildreness areas. 

b. Ensure that any development proposal within a national park or reserve is subject to assessment that includes community consultation and appeal rights. 

(3) Halt all current EOI proposals until such processes are in place.