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Public Holiday to Recognise our First People - 'Reconciliation Day'

25 October 2016

Ms O’Connor to move—That the House:—

(1) Congratulates the ACT Government on their decision to hold Australia's first public
holiday that recognises our First People, 'Reconciliation Day'.

(2) Recognises that Australia Day is a deeply distressing commemoration for many in
the Aboriginal community, and is also known as 'Invasion Day'.

(3) Notes that many non-Aboriginal Australians also do not feel like celebrating on 26
January because it is a date that divides, rather than unites us.

(4) Understands Flinders Island Council has not celebrated Australia Day on 26 January
for several years.

(5) Commends Kingborough Council for reconsidering its Australia Day celebrations
and moving the formerly-Australia Day awards, now Kingborough Awards, to 6

(6) Calls on:—

(a) all Tasmanian Councils to reconsider their Australia Day celebrations; and

(b) the Premier and Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Hon. Will Hodgman MP, to
consult with the Tasmanian Aboriginal community and with the aim of
declaring a Reconciliation Day in Tasmania.

(25 October 2016)