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Pulp mill speculation

Greens rule out support for 'doubts removal' legislation

The Tasmanian Greens responded to news reports today that the Labor Party is planning to recall parliament to force through enabling legislation for the Tamar Valley pulp mill, with the support of the Liberals.

Greens Leader Nick McKim MP described the pulp mill antics of the Labor and Liberal parties as phony political posturing designed to divide Tasmania ahead of the upcoming election.

“Labor and Liberal can play politics all they like, but I can assure you that the Greens will not be supporting legislation that would strip the Tasmanian community of its voice,” Mr McKim said.

“Of course the Greens will not support using Parliament to try to force such a toxic project on the community, but it’s simply politicking by Labor and Liberal because they know the pulp mill will never be built because it lacks community support.”

“This whole debate is not really about a pulp mill, because the pulp mill is a mirage that will never be built.”

“This is really a debate about whether we allow Tasmania to be dragged back to the failed and divisive ways of the past, or whether we choose to embrace the economic opportunities of the future.”