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State of the Climate

27 October 2016

Ms O’Connor to move—That the House:—

(1) Notes the release of the Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO's "State of the Climate
Report" for 2016.

(2) Acknowledges that the report notes extreme heat events have already increased in
duration, frequency and intensity and it documents Tasmania's average temperature
has already increased from half a degree since 1910, with parts of the East Coast
having warmed a full degree.

(3) Recognises the Antarctic and Climate Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre
(ACE CRC) is celebrating its 25 year anniversary.

(4) Commends researchers at the ACE CRC on the critical work they have undertaken
over the past 25 years, specifically their Climate Futures research which helps to
model the impact of climate change on the community, emergency services and many
in the business sector.

(5) Encourages all members to read ACE CRC's 'Science Highlights' publication to
celebrate their 25 years.

(6) Notes the Liberal Government's Climate Change Strategy release has been delayed
without any publicly stated reason.

(7) Calls on the Liberal Government - who are without a Minister for Climate Change -
to start acknowledging the science, admitting the climate reality, begin mitigation and
tackling the climate issues we face as a State.

(27 October 2016)