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Suspended Sentence Budget Black Hole

5 April 2016
Rosalie Woodruff MP

Question without Notice

5 April 2016

To the Premier

Last week the Attorney-General confirmed the government's intentions to phase out suspended sentences and replace them with alternatives, despite concerns from key stakeholders including the Law Society.

In her press release she stated:

"Modelling of various scenarios conducted by John Walker as part of the SAC reference suggests that the full abolition of suspended sentences could cost around $10 million extra per annum."

However, the John Walker modelling outlines potential costs of between $15 million and $50.9 million, while the Sentencing Advisory Council report places the cost at $30.6 million per annum if all their recommendations are implemented, with that cost climbing to $50.9 million if they are not.

Can you clarify what the actual cost will be?

Will it be $10 million as the Attorney-General’s statement said, or somewhere between $30.6 million and $50.9 million?

Can you also clarify why there is such a large discrepancy between the Attorney-General’s public statements, the John Walker modelling and the final cost provided by SAC?

Has the Attorney-General made a major mistake and will you clarify the costs of your Government’s policy?