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Tarkine Threat

Liberals to give 4WDs open slather in Tarkine

The Tasmanian Greens Member for Braddon Paul O’Halloran MP today condemned the Liberal Party’s proposal to open up new areas of the Tarkine coastline to unrestrained off-road vehicle access.

“We are custodians of the Tarkine, with its rich Aboriginal history, outstanding coastlines and rain forests that are recognised as among the greatest wild places on earth,” Mr O’Halloran said.

“The Liberals want to give one section of community carte-blanche to inflict damage on areas which are the heritage of all Tasmanians, now and future generations."

“It is telling that the Liberals cannot even say the word Tarkine, an area that will bring more of the one million visitors to Tasmania to the north-west if we treat it with the respect it deserves.”

“We can build jobs and opportunities without destroying our natural and indigenous heritage.”

"It is disingenuous and deliberately divisive of the Liberals to claim that all the tracks were closed.”

“After a rigorous consultation process, a portion of tracks available were identified for closure due to the significant cultural and environmental sensitivity of those areas."

“Many of the closed tracks were simply alternative routes leading to the same place.”

"It is also false economy to reopen areas which will require ongoing funding to rehabilitate after the damage is done.”

“This proposal will cost both the Parks and Wildlife service and the tourism industry revenue.”

“The Liberals have no qualms in trashing Tasmania’s values, whether it’s World Heritage Areas, National Parks or Conservation Areas such as the Arthur Pieman.”

“In fragile coastal ecosystems there is a clear need for limitations, so that those intrinsic values that we are encouraging tourists to come and see are protected into the future.”

“Whilst the Liberals say the tracks were closed without public consultation, there is no evidence that they have consulted Aboriginal community or other interest groups, in making this off-the-cuff announcement about reopening these tracks.”