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Tasmanian Broadband Network

Finishing the fibre optic roll out 

The Tasmanian Greens today released further details on their plan for Tasmania to roll out fibre optics to the premises.

Greens Leader Nick McKim said that the Greens would establish the Tasmanian Broadband Network Company to provide advice to government by the end of 2014 on funding options, rollout timeframes, delivery mechanisms, and how to best leverage fibre to the premises to create jobs and deliver better public services.


“The Commonwealth is still proposing to deliver fibre to the node. We are proposing to roll out the ‘last mile’ of fibre to the premises and build jobs and prosperity for generations to come.”

“NBN contractors have been shafted by the Commonwealth, and only the Greens have a plan and the vision to deliver jobs by completing the rollout of fibre to the premises as originally promised under the NBN.”

“Fibre to the premises can be the great enabler of jobs and prosperity in Tasmania just as the Hydro dams of the mid 1900s have been for so many decades,” Mr McKim said.

“If Tasmania had fibre to the premises while the rest of the country was stuck with the Liberals last century copper network, it would be one of the biggest competitive economic advantages this state has ever had.”

“All around the world governments are partnering with the private sector to roll out fibre to the premises, and Tasmania deserves nothing less.”

“This is a once in a generation opportunity for Tasmania, and we should not rule out borrowing to complete the rollout just as the HEC did to construct the electricity infrastructure of the 1950s.”

“The Tasmanian Broadband Network Company would work with the Tasmanian ICT sector , and would be tasked with reporting to government on

“The biggest risk to Tasmania’s future is not having fibre to the premises.”

“Internationally huge interest from consumers and communities in faster broadband is growing, and there is significant innovation in funding the technology and infrastructure to meet that need.”

“For example the Google Fiber Cities initiative has installed fibre that’s up to 100 times faster than basic broadband, Austin, Provost and Kansas City.

“A further 34 cities in 9 metro areas, with diverse geographies and population spread, around the United States are currently in discussion about  rolling out a new fiber-optic network to their community.”

A copy of the policy initiative is available for download on the MPs website.