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Tax attack

Liberals are coming for Tasmania's GST share 

The Tasmanian Greens today called for a tripartisan commitment to oppose the Liberal Party’s latest moves to introduce a deeply unfair GST distribution model that will cost frontline jobs in Tasmania.

Greens Treasury spokesperson Tim Morris was responding to reports that the Western Australian government would use its support for lowering the GST threshold on online purchases as “leverage” to force the Commonwealth to support a per-capita GST distribution model.

“This is economic blackmail and it is an attack on the federation, and Tasmania needs to present a united front in opposing it,” Mr Morris said.

“Will Hodgman has been clay in the hands of right wing extremists in his party for too long, and now that they are coming for Tasmania’s GST share he needs to grow a backbone.”

“Unless Tasmania stands up to this Liberal attack, it will mean sudden and brutal cuts to vital frontline workers like teachers, nurses and emergency services.”

“Unfortunately Mr Hodgman’s track record is that he lacks the courage or the political conviction to stand up to Tony Abbott and his local hatchet man, Eric Abetz.”

 “The Liberals seem to be forgetting that Australia has been a federation since 1901, and that the system of horizontal fiscal equalisation is about ensuring all states and territories get a fair go.”

“Despite the Liberal Party’s half-hearted reassurances before the election, Tony Abbott cannot be trusted to ensure Tasmania continues to get a fair slice of the GST.”