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Truth in Advertising

Greens launch advertising campaign 

The Tasmanian Greens today launched their centrepiece television and social media advertising campaign for the 2014 State Election.
Greens Leader Nick McKim said the Truth in Advertising campaign was aimed at presenting voters with clear, simple voting choices.
“The Labor and Liberal parties are blitzing Tasmania with enormous amounts of election advertising, but unfortunately none of it tells the real story,” Mr McKim said.
“It is repetitive, uninformative, and insulting to the intelligence of voters.”
“Voters are much smarter about political advertising these days, and it takes a lot more than endless billboards and big-budget television ads to win support at the ballot box.”
“That’s why the Greens believe it’s time for a bit of truth in advertising, so that voters know what they’re really getting from all parties, including the Greens.” 
“For example, not a single Labor or Liberal advertisement points out that they both want Tasmanian taxpayers to subsidise the losses from a pulp mill that pollutes the Tamar Valley.” 
“Nothing in the Liberal Party’s advertising campaign makes it clear that a vote for the Liberal Party is a vote to entrench discrimination against same sex couples.”
“The Liberals’ advertising campaign is silent on their plan to embarrass our nation by logging inside a UNESCO-listed World Heritage Area. 
“Labor and Liberal are essentially the same product, and the Greens are the only party offering genuine change for Tasmania.”
The first two Truth in Advertising commercials can be viewed on the Tasmanian Greens’ Youtube channel.