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Who are the Marine Farming Planning Review Panel?

14 March 2017
Rosalie Woodruff MP

Ms Woodruff to move—That the House:—

(1) Notes that Minister for Primary Industries and Water, Hon. Jeremy Rockliff MP
asserts his Marine Farming Planning Review Panel has provided independent
scientific advice that supports salmon farming in Okehampton Bay.

(2) Understands:—

(a) the Marine Farming Planning Review Panel is a government panel, housed
within DPIPWE, that was purged in 2011 by the Labor party to place
ultimate decision-making with the Minister, after it rejected a proposed lease
expansion by Tassal to Soldiers Point;

(b) the only scientific expert on the panel is Adjunct Professor Buxton, now
working as a private consultant and best known for his support for bringing
Super Trawlers to Tasmania; and

(c) the Panel’s other members are:—
(i) the director of the EPA who is currently being sued by industry for
failing to regulate to protect Macquarie Harbour;
(ii) a retired bureaucrat that managed licencing in Marine Resources;
(iii) an owner of an apricot business in Richmond;
(iv) a former director and owner of Plastic Fabrications Group that
supplies salmon cages and boats to Tassal; and
(v) a retired commercial solicitor who served for over a decade with
Tassal’s CEO Mark Ryan as a director of Salmon Enterprises of
Tasmania, which is majority owned by Tassal.

(3) Acknowledges that tourists come from across the world to see the white beaches and
pristine waters of Tasmania's East coast.

(4) Calls on the Liberal and Labor parties to abandon the pretence of independent
scientific assessment of the Okehampton Bay.