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Industrial Hemp for use as a Forage or Dual Purpose Crop

Time: Saturday, 15 August 2020 - 9:00am

Location: Online

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Fourth year student Rohan Borojevic recently presented findings from his world-first Honours project that is investigating the potential use of industrial hemp as a dual purpose crop for grazing. The additional use of the crop is an exciting prospect for farmers and researchers as it could increase the Tasmanian industrial hemp industry profitability. The industrial hemp industry is relatively new in Tasmanian, so continued research is vital to help improve crop viability for growers.

Watch Rohan's final Honours seminar "Influence of plant growth stage on the nutritional composition and regrowth of industrial Hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) for use as a forage or dual purpose crop".

This is a pre-recorded webinar. No registration required.

Tags: Hemp, Primary Industries, Economy