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5 years 6 months ago
Extremist Liberals drive forest conflict

The Tasmanian Greens today condemned the Hodgman-Abbott Liberals for their attempts to plunge Tasmania back into conflict and division by attempting to rescind the recent World Heritage Area extension.

“Opening up these magnificent forests for logging is like mining the great pyramids of Egypt for road gravel," Mr McKim said.

5 years 6 months ago
Liberals' duplicity on super trawler exposed

The Tasmanian Greens today reaffirmed their opposition to super trawlers but questioned the commitment of the Liberals, calling on Will Hodgman to come clean on the Liberals desire for a super trawler. 

Greens Primary Industries spokesperson Kim Booth MP said today’s statement from a Liberal candidate supporting a ban on super trawlers in Tasmania was a cynical distraction from the real issue, given that a ban is already in place for Tasmanian waters.

5 years 6 months ago
Liberal & Labor deny Tasmanians a say on pulp mill bill

The Tasmanian Greens today condemned the new Labor-Liberal minority government for rejecting the opportunity to give the Tasmanian people a say on the Pulp Mill Assessment Amendment Bill 2014 through a referendum on March 15.   “We believe that the Tasmanian people deserve a say in their future, but the Labor-Liberal minority government obviously weren’t happy about that,” Mr McKim.

5 years 6 months ago
Greens to move for referendum on pulp mill legislation

The Tasmanian Greens today said that if Premier Lara Giddings follows through on her threat to table further enabling legislation for the Tamar Valley pulp mill, they would have no choice but to move no confidence in her government.

Greens Leader Nick McKim MP said that the Greens also intended to move an amendment to the new doubts removal Bill so that it could not commence unless it received support at a referendum on the legislation, to be held in conjunction with the upcoming election.

5 years 6 months ago
New Greens campaign site rolls out achievement record

Tasmanian Greens Leader Nick McKim today launched a key part of the Greens online strategy for the 2014 election.

The Greens’ new innovative social media campaign website, breaks new ground in the use of social media in Tasmanian State election campaigns.

5 years 6 months ago
Come clean on companies bidding for pulp mill permit

The Tasmanian Greens today demanded that the government or Gunns Ltd receiver Korda Mentha release the names of the companies bidding for the proposed Tamar Valley pulp mill.

Greens Leader Nick Mckim MP said that Tasmanians deserve to know who the companies are so that their corporate history can be assessed.

5 years 7 months ago
Greens rule out support for 'doubts removal' legislation

The Tasmanian Greens responded to news reports today that the Labor Party is planning to recall parliament to force through enabling legislation for the Tamar Valley pulp mill, with the support of the Liberals.

Greens Leader Nick McKim MP described the pulp mill antics of the Labor and Liberal parties as phony political posturing designed to divide Tasmania ahead of the upcoming election.

5 years 7 months ago
Labor & Liberal complacency will consign devil to extinction

The Tasmanian Greens today renewed calls for increased funding to the Legal Aid Commission of Tasmania and other community legal organisations.

Greens Justice spokesperson Kim Booth MP said that Labor had failed to recognise the need for increased funding and that the Abbott Government’s outrageous decision to drastically cut funding further had spun the issue into crisis.

5 years 7 months ago
West Coast Wilderness Railway up and running

The Tasmanian Greens Tourism spokesperson Tim Morris MP today applauded the return of the West Coast Wilderness Railway.

“It’s great to see the railway back up and running, supporting local employment and community spirit in the midst of a peak tourist season for Tasmania,” Mr Morris said.

5 years 7 months ago
Double demerit penalties would boost road safety 

The Tasmanian Greens today renewed their commitment to pursue a double demerit point penalty trial on Tasmanian roads, based on strong evidence supporting the effectiveness of the measure.

Greens Infrastructure spokesperson Tim Morris MP said the Greens’ proposed three-year trial would apply to selected weekends and public holidays.