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40 Years of Cash for Containers in South Australia Puts Tasmania to Shame

Andrea Dawkins

Andrea Dawkins  -  Thursday, 6 July 2017

Tags: Environment, Waste, Container Deposit Scheme

Andrea Dawkins MP | Greens' Environment spokesperson

South Australia’s celebration of 40 years of cash for containers, and commitment to recycling and the environment puts Tasmania to shame again. 

South Australia is head and shoulders above the rest in the latest set of national recycling data, as Australia’s cleanest state. The major reason for this is South Australia's 40 year old container deposit scheme, which provides refunds for cans and bottles.

Around the world, cash for container schemes see recycling rates for beverage packaging of around 80%, compared to Tasmania's low rate of 15%. 

Tasmania has historically the worst recycling rates in the country, a national shame for our ‘clean, green’ island State, which trades on its brand.

There’s nothing clean, green or clever about being a state with the lowest recycling rates in Australia.  With States like New South Wales and Queensland joining South Australia in implementation of container deposit schemes, Tasmania risks being left behind.

It's past time Tasmania announced its own cash for container scheme, and joined the majority of States and Territories.  It’s a solution that has been proven to work in cleaning up our parks and beaches, and can help fundraise and support community groups in the process.

Cash for container schemes are a win for the environment, and a wine for the community.  It's a no brainer, and it’s time the State Liberal Government got on with it.