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Adventure Tourism Hits the Trails in NE

Kim Booth

Kim Booth  -  Saturday, 7 February 2015

Tags: Mountain Biking, Derby, Tourism

“On behalf of the Greens I congratulate everyone within the local councils and the north east community who contributed to the successful completion of Stage 1 of the Blue Derby Mountain Bike Trails, which was launched in spectacular style today,” Greens Leader and Member for Bass Kim Booth MP said.

“I urge Tasmanians from all around the state to meet the mountain bike challenge, come to Derby and see how well the North East sets the standard for this growing area of nature and adventure tourism.”

“This is exactly the type of appropriate local development the Greens have been campaigning for and highlights the need to protect these forested areas from broadscale woodchipping.”

The Derby Mountain Bike trail will value add to other north east cycle and walking trails, enhancing the entire regions’ reputation as a world class cycling and biking destination.”

“A report last year estimated that cycling tourists spend an average of $2072 per visit while in Tasmania.”

“We must also thank and acknowledge previous Launceston Deputy Mayor Jeremy Ball for his enthusiastic support and tireless lobbying for the protection of the North East and its natural landscapes. His vision saw the potential for current and future generations to enjoy a range of low impact activities within this spectacular region, particularly the thrill of mountain biking.”

“Jeremy would have thoroughly enjoyed today’s wonderful launch of these trails, and would have been on his bike giving them a test run first hand.”

“I have no doubt that the Blue Derby Mountain Bike Trails will become a honey pot and a job and wealth generator for the local economy, and the Greens look forward to see successive stages developed in the future,” Mr Booth said.