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Broken Promises Begin in Earnest

Nick Mckim

Nick Mckim  -  Monday, 17 March 2014

Tags: State Budget, Political Leadership

The new Liberal government is paving the way for its first broken election promises, exactly as incoming Liberal governments around the country have done.

Not only did Will Hodgman run an off-the-shelf election campaign copied from Tony Abbott and Campbell Newman, but it looks like their broken promises will follow the same pattern, Greens Leader Nick McKim said.

First they will claim that there is some kind of hidden budget problem, and then they will come out and use the fake problem as an excuse to start breaking their promises.

Like everyone else, the Liberals knew exactly what the Tasmanian budget situation was before the start of the campaign.

Only two days after winning the election, the Liberal Party has already begun treating Tasmanians with contempt.

The only difference from previous conservative governments is that in his eagerness to break promises, Mr Gutwein has been a bit quicker off the mark than other incoming Liberal Treasurers.

The only real question for Tasmanian people now is exactly which of Liberals promises will be thrown on the scrap heap.