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A Buck Both Ways on Billion Dollar Footy Folly

Vica Bayley MP

Vica Bayley MP  -  Wednesday, 6 September 2023

Tags: AFL, Stadium

Today the Treasurer backed in a cost-benefit analysis report created by the pro-stadium lobby as part of its PR strategy. This, despite the inconvenient truth that this report contradicts State Growth’s own cost-benefit analysis, and without any apparent treasury advice to back it up.
Notably, the Hansen report uses a methodology that would not be accepted by the Commonwealth to justify allocation of grant funding. Does the Treasurer accept back of the envelope advice from vested interests on a regular basis?
The Hansen Report also assumes the $240 million commitment from the Federal Government is solely for a stadium. However, when Prime Minister Albanese announced the funding deal, he made it clear federal funding would be for the entire precinct, including housing, a reconciliation park and public open space.

The latest pro-stadium report also neglects to credibly account for blowouts in construction costs. There is not a single project planned or underway in Tasmania that is not suffering extreme budget pressure, with construction costs multiplying by two to four times original estimates.
These funny figures being flung about by the Liberals and the pro-stadium lobby group aren’t funny for Tasmanian taxpayers who will be burdened with debt for generations.

Amidst all of this noise Tasmania is losing a unique opportunity to develop a world class housing, arts, culture and science precinct that all Tasmanians can enjoy and be proud of.
Yes to a Tasmanian AFL team, on our state’s terms. No to a lifetime of debt for a football folly.