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Buck Stops with Hodgman on Conflicts of Interests in State Service

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Tags: Conflict of Interest, Transparency, Governance

Cassy O’Connor MP | Greens' Leader 

The findings of the Auditor-General's report into the appointment of senior public servants is concerning. It points to an ongoing problem the Liberals have in managing conflicts of interest, and we would support the Auditor-General in referring his report to the Integrity Commission.

Throughout this term of government, the Liberals have shown a disregard for proper process and the avoidance of conflict of interest within their own ranks.  This unhealthy political culture has been a hallmark of Will Hodgman's leadership.

He has instituted a culture of secrecy and avoidance of responsibility for problems of his government's making. When you have a Premier who refuses to apply a high ethical standard to his own Cabinet, refuses to demand his Ministers abide by the Code of Conduct, other problems will flow. 

For conflicts of interest not to be reported or managed by the selection panel for three of the eight positions examined, is deeply worrying.

The Liberals ignored the Integrity Commission's recommendations to strengthen accountability in the public service. They voted against our Misconduct in Public Office Amendment Bill in 2015 and, more recently, a Code of Conduct for Parliamentarians in the last sitting.

The Liberals' lack of commitment to transparency and accountability, to good governance in the public interest, grows more evident by the day.

The Premier needs to come out of hiding - where he always seems to be when the going gets tough - and explain to Tasmanians what's going on in his agency.  The buck stops with him.

The Greens note the Auditor-General is considering referring their report to the Integrity Commission and strongly support him in doing so.