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Centenary of ANZAC

Kim Booth

Kim Booth  -  Friday, 24 April 2015

Tags: Veterans

The historic centenary anniversary of ANZAC is a sombre occasion, Greens Leader Kim Booth MP said today.

“ANZAC is a bittersweet day of reflection and sadness, but also of hope and camaraderie,” Mr Booth said.

“This day each year sees the community come together to pay their respects to those whose lives and families were suddenly devastated by the most catastrophic military event the world had experienced at that stage.”

“One hundred years on and while the rawness and pain has diminished the poignancy remains.  We reflect and remember the sacrifices of the fallen, and we hope we have learned lessons of the past to ensure this cannot happen again.”

 “While we must all heed the warning to not glorify the horrors of war, we must also never forget if we also wish to never repeat.”

“It is a great honour for all the Greens MPs to be involved in these historic commemorations and to pay our respects,” Mr Booth said.

The three State Greens MPs are attending the following ANZAC commemoration events:

  • Kim Booth MP, Greens Leader and Member for Bass: ANZAC Day Commemorative Service, Launceston Cenotaph.

  • Cassy O’Connor MP, Greens Member for Denison: ANZAC Day Memorial Service at Glenorchy City Council.

  • Nick McKim MP, Greens Member for Franklin: ANZAC Day Commemorative Service, Hobart Town Hall and Cenotaph.