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Challenge for Premier as Parliament Resumes

Kim Booth

Kim Booth  -  Monday, 2 March 2015

Tags: Political Leadership

The Premier’s State of the State Address will need to be more than platitudes if the Liberal government is to earn back the community’s trust following the last 12 months of secrecy, cronyism and broken promises, Greens Leader Kim Booth MP warned today.

“If Tasmanians are going to believe that the Liberal leopard has genuinely changed its spots, it is going to require more than further empty promises from the Premier tomorrow,” Mr Booth said.

“The challenge for Will Hodgman is to deliver a vision which is inclusive rather than divisive, and which builds on the strengths of our people, our natural competitive advantages and respects our rich natural and cultural diversity.”

“The last 12 months exposed the Liberals as incapable of making the transition from rock-throwing Opposition to a responsible government committed to working in the best interests of the entire community.”

“Instead we saw the Hodgman regime indulge in ideological revenge-driven attempts to vilify and demonise sections of the community, embarrassingly attack our World Heritage Area listing, force through draconian anti-protest laws, attempts to squash free speech with anti-defamation legislation, the slashing and burning of the public service, and the waste of parliamentary resources indulging in personal witch-hunts such as the Triabunna mill committee fiasco.”

“The Hodgman regime has also blatantly broken key election promises including no frontline jobs to be sacked, only 500 public sector jobs to go, as well as an end to public subsidies propping up Forestry Tasmania.”

“Worryingly the Liberals’ track record has been overwhelmingly one of incompetence, arrogance, obfuscation and secrecy.  There has been no vision, and no plan.”

“Nice sounding platitudes by the Premier will not be enough to regain the public’s trust.  Tasmanians deserve a clear vision, a detailed plan outlining how it will be delivered, and to be provided a sense of ownership of their state’s future.”

“This is a great state, with so much going for it.  We cannot afford another 12 months of squandered opportunities, and blame-games where it is always the fault of some past government or Canberra.”

“We need the Premier to detail how he intends to tackle the long-overdue economic structural reform, how he intends to ensure those Tasmanians doing it tough do not fall between the gaps and can still access affordable health and community services, how he intends to grow sustainable jobs, and how he will protect our critical clean, green international Brand.”

 “The Greens will be outlining our alternative vision in our formal response to the State of the State Address,” Mr Booth said.