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Christine Milne: Champion of Tasmania

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Monday, 10 August 2015

Tags: Environment

Cassy O'Connor MP | Greens Leader

The formal resignation of Christine Milne from the Australian Senate marks the end of an era in Tasmania. Christine has been at the forefront of politics and the campaign to protect what makes Tasmania unique in the world for the better part of 30 years.

Canberra will certainly miss Christine's formidable intellect and immense heart, her drive and her integrity.

A true champion of Tasmania and the planet, Christine will be sorely missed from the local and national media landscape.  We know, however, that Christine will continue to campaign for the environment and the climate as she always has.

Christine led the way for women in politics as the first woman to lead a Parliamentary party in Tasmania, before going on to lead the Greens federally. She is - and will remain - a strong role model and inspiration for women and girls across the country.

Christine has never shied away from the good fight and has stood up for our wild places since she was arrested defending the Franklin River as a young Mum and teacher from the North West coast.   She went on to successfully led the campaign to stop a toxic, polluting pulp mill at Wesley Vale, her intellect and drive demolishing arguments put by the proponent and the then Gray Government.  

On climate here, federally and globally, Christine has been one of our most authoritative and respected voices.  Her relentless advocacy for climate action led to the establishment of a price on carbon and massive investment in renewable, as well as biodiversity protection, in the Gillard Government.

Tasmania  is a safer, fairer, Greener place with many of our unique natural assets protected for future generations thanks to the tireless work of Christine Milne.  It was Christine who first articulated the ‘clean, green’ brand that is now embraced by our exporters and, indeed, publicly supported as fact by both the major parties in Tasmania.

Christine’s replacement in the Senate, former Greens’ MP for Franklin and Tasmanian Greens Leader, Nick McKim will be an outstanding representative for Tasmania in the Senate - a Green, with an impressive record in our state parliament and as a Minister. Like Christine before him, Nick will do Tasmania proud on the national stage.