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Councils Supporting Medicinal Cannabis

Kim Booth

Kim Booth  -  Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Tags: Hemp, Medicinal Cannabis

The Hodgman Liberal government is becoming further out of touch as yet another local council formally endorses investigating opportunities presented by a local medicinal cannabis crop industry.

“Last night the Dorset Council voted unanimously in support of progressing talks around the local growing and processing of industrial hemp, medicinal cannabis and other biopharmaceutical products, once again highlighting how out of touch both Health Minister Michael Ferguson and Primary Industries Minister Jeremy Rockliff are over this issue,” Greens Leader Kim Booth MP said.

“Momentum is growing around the state with now Huon Valley Council, Derwent Valley Council, Northern Midlands and now Dorset Council all identifying that medicinal cannabis will both help the sick in our community, as help develop viable local industry and job creation opportunities.”

“The Greens urge the government takes on board and considers carefully the Dorset Council’s proposed discussions arising from the Council’s decision, rather than just dismiss it unilaterally, which unfortunately has been the pattern so far.”

“In face of the human suffering we could alleviate, and the potential boon to our primary industry sector, the Liberals’ knee-jerk reaction against a medicinal cannabis trial being conducted in the state, setting Tasmania at the forefront nationally, is difficult to comprehend.”

“The Hodgman regime is badly out of touch with the community, and is holding Tasmania back from a potential job creating industry for our regional economies.”

“The pressure is mounting on the government to keep an open mind while the Legislative Council Inquiry into Medicinal Cannabis is underway, and the Liberals may need to be prepared to alter course and catch up with the community’s expectations,” Mr Booth said.