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The Covid Kraken variant has arrived, Where is the Health Minister?

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Sunday, 8 January 2023

Tags: Health, Hospitals, COVID-19

Cassy O’Connor MP | Greens Leader  

A dangerous new, highly immune-evasive Covid variant is becoming dominant globally, including in Tasmania. 

The Rockliff Government urgently needs to develop a plan to prevent further mass infection, disability and death, and, critically, to take the pressure off our health system. 

The XBB 15/Kraken virus mutation is understood to have originated in New York, and Tasmania reported its first case shortly after its emergence.

Tragically, five Tasmanians succumbed to Covid in the last week, bringing the death toll to 216 since Omicron was let rip on 15 December 2021.

Victoria recorded a sharp spike in deaths over the past week, with 108 lives lost to Covid - more than half of them in just two days. 

There are currently no protections in place and the Health Minister is MIA.

Vaccine and booster uptake is stagnating and vaccine efficacy is waning. Why isn’t Jeremy Rockliff encouraging booster uptake among increasingly unprotected Tasmanians? 

Why isn’t he advocating at National Cabinet for faster approval of boosters and vaccines for under 5s?

Why isn’t he being honest about the science and telling Tasmanians that previous infection is no protection? 

Why the secrecy and gaslighting over the dangers of repeat Covid infections? 

Why isn’t he urging people to wear masks, to be clean-air aware and socialise outdoors during this beautiful Summer weather we’re enjoying?  

We’ve got a Health Minister & Premier more concerned with a new AFL stadium than protecting the health and lives of Tasmanians. 

The minimising and secrecy over Covid needs to end. It has cost lives. 

It’s well past time the focus was on saving lives instead of Liberal donor and business profits. 

Tasmanians deserve to hear the truth about Covid in its dangerous new form, and be given strong, clear advice on sensible measures to protect themselves and others.