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Dark Cloud Hangs Over Rockliff's Integrity

Cassy O'Connor MP

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Thursday, 2 March 2023

Tags: Integrity

Cassy O'Connor MP | Greens Leader

The cloud over Premier Jeremy Rockliff’s integrity continues to grow darker.

In Question Time today, the Greens asked the Premier if he supported the Treasurer’s statement from Parliament yesterday that Mark Shelton MP had “done nothing wrong” by being involved in arranging funding for his pet project, building a new Bracknell Hall.

Premier Rockliff’s response was, “of course I do”.

We now have both a Premier and Deputy Premier who have specifically and directly endorsed Mr Shelton’s misconduct as acceptable. This is deeply problematic.

These latest actions come on top of Jeremy Rockliff misleading Parliament over the Liberal party’s shonky election grants scheme last year, and failing to correct the record when he was exposed.

Clearly Premier Rockliff is more interested in trying to save face politically than leading a government of integrity.