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Dodgy Brothers, Lennon and Gay, Back in Business

Cassy O'Connor MP

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Monday, 11 September 2017

Tags: Federal Group, Native Forest Logging

Cassy O’Connor MP | Greens' Leader

With Paul Lennon on the Farrell family's payroll to protect their obscene pokies' profits, and disgraced ex-Gunns' boss, John Gay, set to profit from the push to log rainforest species in protected areas, it's clear the Dodgy Brothers are back in business.

In the dark days when they were running Tasmania, Lennon and Gay caused tangible social, environmental and economic harm. It seems they haven't been able to let go.

As Premier, Paul Lennon, backed in the Farrells’ gambling monopoly Deed. Now he's being paid by them in a desperate pitch to continue the profound harm caused by poker machines in our community.

While the Liberals have said they won't act to remove poker machines from pubs and clubs, Mr Lennon is working on the Labor Party to make sure they toe the line, as they've always done, for the Federal Group.

The question is, can Labor Leader, Rebecca White, stand up to Lennon and chart a new course for her party?

Labor has been a big part of the problem. With the monopoly Deed due to expire, they have an opportunity to repair some of the damage their kowtowing to the Farrells has caused.

As a first step, Ms White should confirm Labor won't accept donations from the Federal Group in the lead up to or after the State election.

Four years after being found guilty of insider trading, John Gay is back running companies set to be the main beneficiary of the Liberals push to log inside protected areas.

As Gunns' CEO, John Gay led the assault on this island's beautiful forests for more than a decade. Now he's back for more and apparently still driving forest policy in Tasmania.

Surely it's time the Liberal and Labor parties started listening to the community instead of continually heeding the voices of vested interests.

Tasmanians deserve better than this from their leaders.

The Greens will pursue the unhealthy relationships between the old guard and the major parties in Parliament this week.