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Duplicitous Liberals Wave Off Super Trawler

Andrea Dawkins

Andrea Dawkins  -  Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Tags: Super Trawler, Primary Industries

Andrea Dawkins MP | Greens' Primary Industries spokesperson

The Tasmanian Greens welcome the news the Geelong Star has left Australian waters.  During its stay, the Geelong Star was responsible for the deaths of dolphins, seals and albatross.

While the reasons for its departure are unknown, we hope this means it's gone for good. 

We echo the sentiments of government backbencher, Mark Shelton, in bidding this monster good riddance.  Unlike Labor and the Liberals, who flip-flopped on their position before and after the State election, however, the Greens have maintained our consistent opposition to super trawlers.

After back-flipping and clinging to vessel measurements once they got into office, it seems the Liberals have returned to their pre-election, vote-seeking, position.  This is a cynical and political change of tack.

In April 2015, Health Minister, Michael Ferguson was talking up the Geelong Star as "an opportunity for value-adding and jobs" and telling Tasmanians it wasn't a super trawler*.  What a difference a 18 months in office makes.

It's pleasing Mr Shelton and his Liberal colleagues are finally admitting the Geelong Star is a super trawler**.  It's a great shame it took its departure for their epiphany.

Tasmanians won't forget how duplicitous the Liberals have been on the Geelong Star.  There are many people who voted for them in 2014 because of their pre-election position on the aggressive trawler, only to be let down.