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Edwards walks from TFA

Nick Mckim

Nick Mckim  -  Saturday, 22 March 2014

Tags: Native Forest Logging, Tasmanian Forest Agreement

It appears that Terry Edwards of the Forestry Industry Association of Tasmania has gone against his signed commitment and walked away from the forestry peace deal.

“This is a sad day for Tasmania, and if there is now a return to the old conflicts of the past it will be the responsibility of the Liberals and the timber industry and them alone” said Greens Leader Nick McKim.

“The consequences of ending the TFA rest with Will Hodgman and Terry Edwards.”

“No one can say that the ENGOs didn’t do their utmost to keep the forest peace deal alive.”

“The question is: what secret incentive has been offered today by Mr Hodgman that has turned Mr Edwards so quickly from his signed commitment to the TFA?” 

“We are still waiting to see Mr Hodgman’s forestry plan. He has had over three years to develop a policy for the industry and yet all we have from him is just a one-line slogan.”

“The people of Tasmania deserve better than being dragged unwillingly back to the failed forestry business models and community conflicts of the past.”