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EMRS Political Opinion Poll

Kim Booth

Kim Booth  -  Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Tags: Environment

Greens Leader Kim Booth MP described as heartening the four per cent rise in Greens’ support in the latest EMRS State Voting Intentions Poll, but reiterated the Party does not place a great deal of emphasis upon opinion poll results.

“While this increase in support is positive, the Greens will not allow it to distract from doing our job on behalf of our community, environment and economic direction.”

“Tasmanians expect, and will continue to see, the Greens put our people and our environment first, whether it is fighting for health and education funding, and the protection of our word heritage value forests.”

“Now more than ever, Tasmanians need the government to be closely scrutinised, and they need a strong voice of compassion articulating for those in our community doing it tough, and that is the focus of the Tasmanian Greens MPs rather than political opinion polls,” Mr Booth said.