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End Corporate Welfare

Kim Booth

Kim Booth  -  Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Tags: Carbon Price, Treasury, Political Donations

The Hodgman regime needs to rethink its warped priorities and put an end to its compulsion to provide corporate welfare payouts instead of attacking the state’s public service if it is serious about making financial savings, Greens Leader and Treasury spokesperson Kim Booth MP said today.

“The proposed one year pay freeze on our public sector workers is the latest slimy and unconscionable move by this Hodgman regime,” Mr Booth said.

“The blatant straw-person proposition being put here is appalling and arrogant.  The Hodgman regime is clearly trying to establish a false premise of either public sector jobs go, or our educators, nurses, and other community service providers accept a wage freeze, contrary to a legally binding enterprise agreement.”

“Instead of doling out corporate welfare to the private sector, including political donors, such as the $15 million loan to the Kalis Group for the Myer redevelopment, the Hodgman regime should invest in our hardworking public service and delivery of front line services.”

“The Liberals constantly argue sovereign risk whenever it is suggested that a private sector commercial arrangement should be reviewed, but clearly these concerns do not apply to public sector agreements.”

“Apparently the state can’t afford honouring a wage agreement with our nurses, teachers and police, but can afford Liberal ministerial political advisors pulling in huge six figure salaries.”

“The hypocrisy and double-standards is breathtaking.”

“The Hodgman regime spent the last four years talking down the economy and urging Canberra to end the carbon pricing arrangements.”

“The carbon price brought $70 million every year into Tasmania and hard working front line public sector workers are now paying the price.”

“If Hodgman were fair dinkum he would lobby to retain the Carbon price, stop spending $500 million on election promises made to buy their way into power,  stop lending public cash to his mates and let  public service get on with the job.”

“Lets be clear, the suggested wage freeze is not about the Liberals suddenly needing to fix an unforseen hole in the state finances, but rather is a desperate attempt to try to fund their exorbitant election promises they irresponsibly made despite knowing at the time the state couldn’t afford them.”

“No more can Treasurer Gutwein or Premier Hodgman keep bleating about the financial situation left by the previous government, when they know full well they refused to revise their election spending in light of the Mid Year Financial Report in February.”

“So no way Treasurer, the Greens do not accept you defaulting on an enterprise bargaining agreement any more than we accept any further jobs cuts in the public sector.  Time to revisit and revise the expensive furphies with which you bought your way into power,” Mr Booth said.